CrossFit Couple Has The Toughest Engagement Photos

It makes tons of sense that couples would want to have personalized engagement photos that reflect who they are individuals and a duo. It's beginning to get really tough to feign enthusiasm when a friend presents me with a set of played-out poses, which usually range from corny to downright creepy. For example, there's the classic oh-hey-it's-YOU-on-the-other-side-of-the-tree-I-am-FLOORED pose. Or the I'm-carrying-you-on-my-shoulders-as-this-is-normal-LOL! one. I guess both are still better than when that couple did something completely different and far more awful by donning old-timey attire and participating in a The Notebook -themed engagement photo shoot. But maybe I'm just bitter. Regardless, CrossFitters Iliana and Joe put such a tough twist on the trite series of lovey-dovey poses, my faith is now renewed—because they ditched beach dunes and sunsets, instead opting to shoot their engagement series at their local CrossFit gym.

The Orlando-area twosome first met while working together at SeaWorld. Joe popped the Big Question to Iliana beneath a waterfall at Discovery Cove in November. Iliana joked about using "the box", aka what CrossFit people call their gym they regularly frequent together as a unique, super personalized setting for their engagement photos. She says she didn't expect Joe to agree, but he was game. After a little Pinterest research and talking with their photographer, they went for it. The results give "tough love" a new, albeit tender, meaning.

These are some mega-ripped folks. Apparently, when they first started dating, Joe was already about two years-deep into his CrossFit practice. Shortly after, Iliana started joining him and soon visiting the box became their go-to together activity.

OK, this is precious. Precious in a sense where I love how clearly in love they are but also a little intimidating in the sense where I'd absolutely never wanna piss off either of these people.

I'm also way into their coordinating colors. Now, for the couple's favorite shot from the series:

Buff in love, y'all. Congrats to Iliana and Joe! May you continue ripping through life together forever.

Images: Courtesy of Cricket's Photography(5)