This Is How Many Millennials Have Not Had Sex Ed

A new study revealed that 23 percent of Millennials have not had sex education. Despite this terrifying percentage, 75 percent of Millennials are all for sex ed (as they should be) and only 21 percent think it shouldn’t be taught at all. But while it might seem safe to assume that the 23 percent is because of religious schools who preach the abstinence method of “safe sex,” the reality is that students who attended religious high schools (21 percent) were significantly more likely than those who attended public high schools (32 percent) to report that they had no sex education courses. Not only is there not much of a difference there, but it’s significant proof that the public school system really needs to step up their game.

There are many problems with denying students sexual education. Of course it contributes to increased pregnancy and STI rates, but it also makes the topic of sex a difficult one to broach. Less than half, at 45 percent, of Millennials feel comfortable discussing sex and sexual health with their doctors, only 44 percent feel at ease talking about it with their friends, and 43 percent hit up the Internet with their sex related questions.

When the comfort level of these Millennials was broken down by race, whites, at 51 percent, were most comfortable about discussing sex with their partner, 46 percent of Hispanics were cool with it, and only 32 percent of black Millennials were able to bring the topic of sex to the table. Again, these are some fairly disappointing numbers, especially for the black community. Being able to have an open dialogue with your partner about sex should just be part of the equation. If you can’t openly talk about it, then maybe you shouldn’t be doing it.

I don’t think I need to say this, but I will: sex is a huge part of being human. We’re sexual beings from the second we come into the world, until the very moment we die. Despite its evolutionary purpose to keep the species alive, sex is also a lot of fun and putting our heads in the sand to this fact is doing more damage than good.

With 23 percent of Millennials saying they haven't received sex ed and a staggering 39 percent saying that what they learned is “very” accurate, it should be a blinding light in the eyes of the education system that sex education needs to be reformed stat.

We can’t have people going off and having sex lives without the vital information of how to keep themselves safe and healthy. It’s basic common sense.

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