Now You Can Buy A Cynthia Vincent Phone Case

These days a phone case has become something of a defining accessory. Some people go all out with those giant Rilakkuma cases that are mightily adorable (but also inconveniently large), while some keep it simple and utilitarian with one of those protective Otterbox cases. Still others (myself included) use their phone cases as an opportunity to let their nerd flag fly (I have a TARDIS phone), while others treat them as the ultimate fashion statement. Well, fashionable phone case fans, you're going to love this: popular designer Cynthia Vincent is set to launch a tech collection with Best Buy this Sunday in store — and the collection will launch on April 12th online. Best Buy is also partnering Nanette Lepore and Isaac Mizrahi, and their respective cases will launch at the same time.

According to Women's Wear Daily, Vincent said, "I always wanted to get into this category. It’s a natural extension of handbags." And true to form, her new phone, tablet, and laptop cases will dress up your favorite pieces of technology in chic prints and in vogue color palettes (I'm a particular fan of the neon pink and yellow case, it has a fun, pop-art-y look), just like her clothes and handbags do. The cases themselves have a similar feel to other designer forays into tech accessories — their bright colors and on-trend designs are reminiscent of the ever-popular Marc Jacobs and Kate Spade offerings. Let's take a look!

Oh, and the best part? The products range from $29.99 to $49.99 — so you can incorporate a little Cynthia Vincent into your ensemble at an affordable price point. Which one will you be buying? As I said, I like the pink and yellow one — but then again, the printed chevrons are pretty darn awesome as well!

Images: Twitter