15 Strange, Cool Kitchen Gadgets You Didn't Know You Needed

Do you think cooking is a total yawn? Does your iPhone list Seamless as an emergency contact? Are you..well...lazy? (Nothing wrong with that.) Chances are, finding the right kitchen gadget could turn you into a bonafide Rachael or Giada, or at least inspire you to give a fake cooking-show spiel as you're prepping something in the kitchen. Or, wait—am I the only one who does that?

This crazy world has already invented a device that literally grows meats and fish, a motorized ice cream cone, and a $63,000 corkscrew. You know that saying "if it's not on the internet, it doesn't exist"? Well, if you can dream up a kitchen utensil for even the most minuscule or inane problem, you can probably buy it at Sur La Table. I, personally, can't go there anymore because I become convinced that I need things like butter makers and pizza scissors.

If you're not usually dazzled by all things culinary, check out these 15 inventive cooking gizmos. Who knows? They might inspire you try a zany new dish, simplify your current cooking routine, or rustle up a truly unique meal (or just stop storing your sweaters in the oven).

Image: via Flickr

Sunrise Egg Mold

Message Toaster

Write an inspiring note to a friend (or yourself) on a piece of toast.


Emoticon Toaster

Or greet the day with a smiley face of your choice.


Tiny Furniture

If you’re in the mood for waffles, why not make them in the shape of doll furniture?


Keyboard Waffles

Or just use your trusty typewriter waffle maker.

Keyboard Waffle Iron, $68, Amazon


Automatic Egg Sandwich Maker

If you’re feeling lazy, let this machine cook you an egg sammy.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker, $19, Amazon

Image: Amazon

Olive Oil Infuser

At lunchtime, spritz your salad with a custom olive oil . Look at you, Martha.

Prepara Oil Mister, $15, Amazon

Image: Amazon

Lemon Sprayer

If you prefer citrus, insert this bad boy into a lemon and you’re ready to go.

Citrus Sprayer Set, $19, Amazon

Image: Amazon

Roll-able Microwave Oven

In a rush? Nuke something on the run with this portable microwave oven that “rolls up like a towel.”


Soft Pretzel Maker

Cooking Mesh

And for dinner, boil multiple items at once with these handy separators.

Cooking Mesh, $15, Amazon

Image: Amazon

S'more Maker

Finally, reward yourself with a perfectly cooked s’more…

S'mores Maker, $9, Amazon

Image: Amazon

Mini Tier Cake

…or a fancy, miniature three-tier cake (who has time to bake a REAL tier cake, anyway?).


Ice Cream Ball

And top with some homemade ice cream. Just pour ingredients into this ball and roll it around for a while (or hand it over to your dog). Voilà!

Play and Freeze Ice Cream Ball, $33, Amazon

Image: Amazon