This Brand Is Embracing LGBT Love

The ongoing fight for LGBT acceptance and equality may gain more headway thanks to a stunning new marketing campaign that proves that affection comes in every imaginable form. Brazilian agency Tuppi’s ads capture LGBT couples kissing in Zim colored powder, creating an impressive visual that truly demonstrates the boundless nature of love in all of its various forms. The effect is stunning.

“The brightly colored powder is non-toxic, non-irritating, non-staining, and can even be ingested in small amounts,” according to Bored Panda. “Powder like this is often used at festivals (like rave festivals or the Holi festival in India), and can also be used to create stunning photographs, where clouds and dashes of color help capture motion.” And the bright colors used in this particular campaign only help add to the narrative of love as an extension of our shared human connections.This campaign follows a recent one by the Ad Council, “Love Has No Labels,” which also proves that at the end of the day, our relationships move far beyond the scope of our outward appearances. And last year, Bustle’s Amanda Chatel wrote about 12 of the best gay-friendly advertisements to illustrate that brands are shifting toward more queer-inclusive marketing.

“Gay millennials tend to have the view that most companies are at minimum neutral toward and at best strongly embrace their identities,” account supervisor Matthew Wagner at Target 10 explained to Chatel. “The bar for LGBT marketing has been raised higher than ever […] campaigns need to be truly impactful through a combination of insights, messaging, tonality, and knowledge.”

Take a look at Zim’s three shots for its Tuppi campaign below:

Pretty neat, no?

Images: Zim/Facebook