This Beautiful Alarm Clock Can Also Brew Coffee

Waking up is a daily struggle for many people. Plenty of folks straight up hate mornings and have a beast of a time even motivating themselves out of bed. I know I've greeted mornings much more warmly since I started prepping my coffee pots at night so I can get a pot brewing quickly first thing in the morning. It just makes it that much less painful to get out of bed when you know your warm BFF is percolating in the kitchen, waiting to improve your life. But apparently there is something even better than having coffee brewing in the kitchen in the morning: having it brew at your bedside as you wake up. This new design combines utilitarianism with the seductive nature of caffeine. It's an alarm clock that makes coffee when it goes off. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

Well, it's kind of a drill; this brilliant invention isn't exactly for sale yet. But it will be! British designer Joshua Renouf is behind this most-perfect product which he calls The Barisieur. The crucial, heavenly smell of fresh coffee brewing is supposed to help you wake up, Renouf says. Quiet tinkering of silver balls shifting in its glass container as the water boils is aimed to lend a hand, also. Before you know it, you're awake and ready to sip on a hot, individually brewed and poured cuppa joe. Basically it's an absolutely brilliant exploration in how many senses play a vital role in getting our bodies and brains going in the morning. Practicality aside, The Barisieur looks super sleek with its simplistic design, shiny stainless steel bits, and clear glass. Who even needs a romantic partner with this attractive bedside companion?

Ooh, boy.

Hold me.

Don't stop.

Marry me.

Unfortunately, The Barisieur is still in the process of becoming available for purchase (estimated to cost between $300 and $375USD). In the meantime, you can input your personal info on Reinouf's site to stay in the loop.

Images: Joshua Renouf (4)