Manolo Blahnik Now Makes Socks, You Guys

Infamous shoe designer Manolo Blahnik is straying away from stilettos with his latest capsule collection, but of course, he’s not straying too far from his comfort zone. Blahnik teamed up with German brand Falke for a line of (you guessed it) socks. Maybe not as glam as what he normally produces, but it makes sense, right? Blahnik understands shoes so well, why wouldn’t he want to produce some socks that are able to stand up to his impossibly chic and fabulous footwear?

Socks are such a basic clothing item and yet they connect your feet with the rest of the clothes you are wearing,” says Blahnik in an interview with Because Magazine. And if you think about it, he’s totally right. Of course, I may be biased — I would never disagree with Manolo.

But, socks are great and can be worn with virtually any shoe, even heels — which Blahnik happens to be a fan of, if you didn't know. What’s great about the socks in this limited edition capsule collection is that they’re totally fun, with pops of color and motivational slogans, and they’re unisex. Socks for everyone!

So, why not have great designer socks if they’re so crucial to your wardrobe? Go on, splurge! But thankfully not too much, because the socks are super affordable at $37, unlike typical Manolo offerings. I know I’ll be sure to make these the first pair of Manolo anythings added to my closet, errr, I mean, sock drawer. Check 'em out below.

Keep Going Socks

Pom Pom Socks

Dot Socks

Shop the looks now at Because Magazine’s website!

Images: Because Magazine E-Shop (3)