Kiernan Shipka's Dress Looks, Ahem, Familiar

Know Kiernan Shipka, your favorite teenager ever? It looks like she's jumping on that vaguely gynecological fashion trend that people have been so into lately. In an appearance last night at a Mad Men tribute at the Film Independent at LACMA, Kiernan Shipka wore an adorable yellow minidress. Said minidress sported a curious detail that may remind you of a certain part of your anatomy: specifically, your lady parts.

In spite of (or rather BECAUSE of) the familiar details, Shipka looked super cute. From the midriff cutout, to the halter neckline, to the black underskirt, her dress was great and I would definitely wear it myself. Not like a fashion triumph is anything out of the ordinary for Shipka. She always looks age-appropriate, playful, chic, and always makes me kind of want to be her friend. It's also worth mentioning that her hair is styled in a way that I always aspire my own mane to look when I get out of the ocean. Much to my chagrin, my beachy waves never look that exquisitely, well, beachy.

Now, let's return to the fold on the bodice of this dress, because that detailing definitely looks like what I think it looks like. Perhaps the most polite way to describe this is to call it Georgia O'Keefe-chic. Whatever it is, I'm taking this fashion choice as an indicator that Shipka is a young feminist. Because this is an ovaries before brovaries kinda dress.

I mean, the one on the left looks kind of similar.

Way to be a badass, Sally Drapes.