Models Share Their Flaws On Camera

We all know the fashion industry is obsessed with Photoshop, from Kerry Washington's InStyle cover to the Kardashian clan's Instagram posts, the scrutiny is definitely unwavering. We're always focusing on how these images effect US, but what about the models who are being airbrushed? How do they feel about the relentless use of editing programs? A new video features models revealing their insecurities, giving a voice to those otherwise silenced figures we see on magazine covers and in ads.

The video is a part of an ad campaign for the contemporary luxury brand, D.EFECT (defect), which focuses on "the notion of beauty of imperfection." The opening shots of the video feature gorgeous models standing front and center, silently staring at the camera. While their beauty is breathtaking, the text that runs across the screen speaks in louder volumes.

Today will be the same as yesterday. Ads, media, movies, or even your friends will broadcast beauty. Most of it will be a better version of a person: enhanced-photoshopped-beautified.

The video goes on to ask "how do models, whom we consider to be stunning, perfect, beautiful, feel about themselves?" In under two minutes, models sum up how they struggle with their appearance just like the rest of us; however, their flaws could potentially make or break their careers.

One model shares that her shoulders are uneven and photographers often ask her to adjust. Another model says that she was teased about her teeth, being called a bunny. Another shares that she doesn't like her waist.

Of course, each of these woman are outlandishly beautiful. However, as we all might very well know, our inner critics can be harsher than those on the outside. Let's just hope that amidst all the Photoshopping and limiting images of body types in popular culture, we can all find a way to love our imperfections.

Images: D.efect/YouTube