Things That Only Sisters Understand

There's nothing quite like having a sister. And there are some things that you have to be a sister to get as Buzzfeed points out in a new video, "7 Things Only Sisters Understand" that is ridiculously accurate. In fact, after showing it to my sister, we agreed that there is an 80 percent chance that Buzzfeed has been spying on us. She may or may not be sweeping our apartment for bugs as I type this.

As someone who moved in with her sister as an adult almost a year ago, I can attest that sisters are both the best and the worst thing that ever happens to you. They steal your stuff and use up all the milk and know exactly how to push your buttons. Plus, for some reason, when your sister doesn't clean up the kitchen or take out the trash can make you feel completely outraged in way that normal roommates could. Because there's just something about sisters.

At the same time, though, there's probably no one else who's known you as long or knows you as long. Sisters pick up on your shorthand and know exactly what you need when you're in a bad mood. No matter how different you are, you still understand each other in a way no one else can.

And here are some other things that only sisters understand.

Sharing Has a Price

"Sure, I'll give you this thing...for 20 bucks" might as well be the refrain of my relationship with my sister. Especially when you forget gifts around Christmas. No one is more mercenary and pitiless than sisters.

Getting the Same Gift

I may or may not have given my sister certain Christmas presents as a way to encourage her to wear something else besides that thing we both got last year that looks better on me anyway, damn it.

She Can Drive You Nuts

Whether it's eating the last of the cereal or not picking up toilet paper or stealing your clothes know what, scratch that. She will drive you nuts. But you love her.

And if you're a sister, you know you relate.