5 Pieces That Defined Dana Scully's Style

THE X-FILES - SEASON 8:  Agent Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson, R) and Agent John Doggett (Robert Patr...
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This week the Internet yielded some news for the Sci-fi ages: The X-Files is returning to Fox, and its bringing Mulder and Scully along with it. Yes, that means we get to relive the mystery and wonder of television’s greatest construction of sexual tension in history, all while Scully schools everyone around her with her brilliance. So it only begs the question, What in the world will Dana Scully be wearing, and will there be shoulder pads?

Because the ’90s were astoundingly atrocious style-wise (but nonetheless continue to resurface in modernized fashion trends), it’s important to be forgiving when broaching the topic of Scully as a fashion icon. But she did, undeniably, have something going on. While adorning primarily boxy post-80s suits that were perhaps a wee too large for her petite shape, she was a master of basics and semi-formal wear. Hello, trenchcoats? And suits! Those wire-rimmed glasses? The crisp white blouses? The menswear-inspired, badassery that took shape rarely in anything other than pants? All of these reminded us that this was a woman who was more than her clothes, all while managing to looking stunning in all of her DGAF glory.

So that being said, let’s examine a few of Scully’s greatest hits, shall we?

The Glasses

Please show me a time Scully didn't look adorable in her glasses and I will buy you a house. Also, her makeup here is impeccable.

The Jackets

Maybe not all of them, though.

The Kitten Heal Pump

Blessed be a semi-comfortable pump, I always say.

The Buttoned Blouse

Scully was buttoning her blouse to the top long before it was hip.

The Power Suit

Any questions?

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