Shop DYLANLEX's Modern SS15 Collection Now

For all of my modern-loving gals out there, the DYLANLEX SS15 collection is officially available to shop. If you love the brand, but aren’t into wearing huge necklaces all the time, you’re in luck because now, they're making bracelets, too! Not only will they not weigh you down as much, they’re much lighter on your wallet, as well.

Celebrities such as Rhianna and Jhené Aiko are fans of DYLANLEX, so needless to say, the line is pretty edgy. There isn’t an ounce of color in the entire collection, which focuses on metalwork, but that’s the point. It’s supposed to have a hard look. That’s what makes it sleek and gorgeous and gives it that "belongs on the back of a motorcycle" kind of feel, if you know what I mean.

Similar to the necklaces, the bracelets are chunky and stackable and so great for a high fashion ensemble. As per usual, the necklaces have a warrior vibe, but many of the collection’s rings are more feminine this time around.

Overall, the SS15 collection stays very true to the modern, edgy aesthetic that DYLANLEX is known for, and why wouldn’t it? The jewelry in this line is empowering, and I’m sure when you wear it, you feel like you could take on the world. And now, with the bracelets and rings being closer to falling in my budget, I might just be able to find out what it feels like to wear a DYLANLEX piece for myself.

Take a look at the collection and decide which piece you’re going to splurge on!




Shop the entire collection on the DYLANLEX website.

Images: DYLANLEX (13)