Coco Rocha Had A Gorgeous Baby Girl!

World, meet Ioni Conran: the spawn of supermodel Coco Rocha!!! In case you missed it, supermodel Coco Rocha had a baby girl this weekend, her first child with husband James Conran. In artist/ model fashion, Mom and Dad have given her a pretty and unusual name that Starbucks baristas will indubitably botch the spelling of: Ioni.

Turning to the baby announcement channel du jour to announce the arrival of her own baby, Rocha posted a handful of pictures of newborn Ioni to Instagram on Saturday, March 28th. At a day old, Ioni is still just a squee-worthy little bundle of flesh at the moment, but mom already sees some modeling chops emerging. Rocha remarks that baby Ioni is "giving me @GigiHadid vibes" in one of her pictures that shows her doing the model pout. Quite the precocious little one, eh??

Speaking of precocious, this model newborn is already on Instagram. On her page, you can find a handful of pictures of her and mom in the birthing room. There are a couple of collages, a shot of Mom waiting for Ioni to be born, and a snap of what seems to be an animated conversation between mother and child. Posts obviously aren't Ioni's own, but one day they will be! Re-grams = endorsements.

Mom anxiously awaiting Ioni's arrival...

Serving up some Gigi Hadid realness.

Already, she's working on her Blue Steel.

Congrats, Coco and James!

Images: Getty; Instagram/cocorocha