"Cats Stealing Pizza" Unites Your Favorite Things

No matter how much someone may love the Internet's favorite fluffy source of entertainment, even the most diehard of cat ladies have to admit that cats are total jerks sometimes. Case in point: someone has made a "cats stealing pizza" video compilation. Let me be clear here — there is enough footage of cats going after the delicious hunks of bread, sauce, and cheese known as pizza that someone decided to put it all together in a video that lasts almost three minutes. The cats in the video don't always succeed, but they're trying so hard that I'm not sure how their owners resist giving them at least a bite. I don't know if it's the thrill of the heist or just that they like the taste, but apparently cats are huge fans of pizza. (You may have noticed that we are too.)Check out the video below, but first, prepare yourself for the onslaught of cuteness. You'll probably crave a slice or five by the time it's over, so you might want to go ahead and order some pizza now for efficiency's sake. If you have a cat, though, you might want to shoo it out of the room so it doesn't go getting any ideas about your pizza. Consider yourself warned.