9 Great Moments In Freddie Mercury's Style

First the Sacha Baron Cohen-helmed Freddie Mercury biopic was supposedly on. Then it was off. Then it was allegedly on again. Now, we know that Sacha Baron Cohen will not be starring a film about Freddie Mercury's life. GAHH!! I know!! It would've been beyond perfect! Even though I'm pretty disappointed that his won't be happening, why don't we take a look back at some of Freddie Mercury's most iconic looks? There are so many weird, wonderful, and fantastical ones to choose from.

In addition to being one of the greatest performers in history, Mercury was a glam-rock icon who challenged notions of gender performativity, sexuality, and gender as a whole through his inimitable style. He has also spawned many imitators. His shrunken graphic tees looked like the remnants of his toddler wardrobe. He referenced leather daddy culture with his studded hats and his white calfskin pants. He dressed in drag. Plus, nobody wore a mustache like him.

Without further ado, let's take a look back at nine of Freddie Mercury's most awesome outfits. Why? Firstly, because any excused to stare at a bunch of pictures of Freddie is a good one. Secondly, because his white calfskin pants make my rockin' world go round.

This Gilded Jacket

I'd actually wear that right now. Not joking.

The Darth Vader Fanny-Pack

Why has nobody put this item into mass production?


Part biker girl, part Hairspray, all Mercury.

This Swing Dress


Harlequin Suit

Ah, the catsuit.

The Superman Tank

Casual Freddie.

Red Candy-Striper Shorts

French people may not get it, but I definitely do.

His Kingly Vestments

All hail.

THIS Iconic Ensemble

Ah, the inimitable yellow military jacket. Perfection!!

Image:Carl Lender/Flickr; omfg.queen (3), seven seas of mercury,, queenlyricsf, avadry, dogancantugrul/Instagram