This April Fools' Day Prank Really Stinks

Some see April Fools' Day as a chance to trick someone you love. But for other, more vengeful souls, it is an opportunity to pull a harmless April Fools' Day prank on a frenemy. And now thanks to WeShipFarts, a company with a specialty in stench, you can get your revenge without getting your hands dirty.

WeShipFarts' mission is fairly self-explanatory — to ship a fart to someone you simply cannot stand. But because you cannot package flatulence, there is a little more to the process. The company anonymously sends your frenemy a bottle of fart-scented spray disguised as a fancy perfume tester labeled Scent of Love (because who wouldn't want to try out the Scent of Love?). And it's all done anonymously, so the recipient will never know who was behind this foul faux fragrance.

WeShipFarts is the perfect solution to all your revenge needs: a roommate who never does the dishes, a coworker who constantly steals your pens, or an ex who did you wrong. Of course, this prank is not limited to people you hate. A fart perfume is the perfect gag gift to send to siblings, friends, and even parents... so long as they have a good sense of humor.

That being said, stinking up someone's life comes at a price. Even though there is no shipping fee, sending your frenemy a bottle of fart-scented spray costs $7.99, which is kind of a lot of money to spend on someone you don't like. For those who are trying to get revenge without spending a dime, here are a few cheaper April Fools' Day pranks to play on your frenemy (or anyone for that matter).

1. A Salty Stick of "Gum"

Your inner child will go crazy for this prank. Purchase some Play-Doh that matches the color of your frenemy's favorite gum (or any gum, because beggars can't be choosers). Remove the sticks from the wrappers, and replace them with pieces of Play-Doh that have been sliced to the right specifications. Put the “gum” back in the package, and wait till your frenemy asks for a stick.

2. A Faux Cream-Filled Donut

Got an annoying coworker who's always stealing your sweets? Buy a box of plain donuts and, using a piping bag, fill them with mayonnaise. So as not to waste money, set aside a few non-contaminated ones to enjoy as a post-prank treat.

3. The No-Suds Soap

You can't go wrong with a classic! Coat a bar of soap with a layer of clear nail polish, and set it back in the soap dish. When they go to wash their hands, they'll wonder why the suds aren't forming like they should. This prank is perfect for pesky roommates.

4. Counterfeit Chocolate Chip Cookies

Revenge really is sweet. Serve up your frenemy some of 4 Jacqs's chocolate chip cookies (a.k.a mashed potatoes and black beans).

5. The Mint Oreo

Here's another timeless trick. Grab a sleeve of Oreos, and carefully scrape off the cream filling. Next, cover the cookie with some white, mint-flavored toothpaste. Sandwich the cookies back together, and serve them to your frenemy for a very fresh, friendly form of payback.

Images: Beck Gusler, Rakka, Malik ML Williams, Ani-Bee, Allan Foster, Penguin Cakes/Flickr; WeShipFarts