Victoria's Pimple Camouflaging Trick is Genius

Now here's a cover up trick you probably haven't heard before. In a Q&A with beauty website Byrdie, Victoria Justice revealed she turns pimples into beauty marks with a little help from a dark brown eye pencil (if it's in a good spot.) Of all the ways I've ever tried to disguise a blemish, I've definitely never thought of this.

My number one concern with this trick would be using the same pencil near my eyes that I used on a zit, but that problem could be solved fairly easily just by getting separate products. But with the right placement, this just might be the most ingenious breakout solution I've ever heard. Who would've thought that instead of trying to blend a blemish in with the rest of your skin, the most unique solution would be to make it stand out?

Props for this one, Victoria. I'm adding this to the rest of the pimple camouflaging tricks in my repertoire (hopefully it will be more successful than most of them.) I've never actively wished for a zit to pop up, but I wouldn't hate it if I got a teeny one somewhere cute soon so I could try this out.

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