'Parks & Rec' Creator Takes On Plastic Surgery

What would Leslie Knope do? There's a pretty good chance that thought crossed Michael Schur's mind while he posted a series of tweets criticizing Angeleno magazine's plastic surgery story, an article that allegedly encourages young women to go under the knife.

Schur used the power of social media to chastise the luxury lifestyle magazine for a story in the April 2015 issue that tells women what they "must-do" at various decades of their life. This includes a breast augmentation and Brazilian butt lift for women in their 20s and liposuction for those in their 30s, among other surgical procedures.

"On behalf of my wife and 4-year-old daughter, I invite you all to f*ck off," Schur angrily wrote on Twitter. "I don't know if Angeleno Magazine could be more toxic if it were printed on yellowcake uranium." Best known for co-creating Parks and role model extraordinaire Leslie Knope, as well as writing for Saturday Night Live and The Office, Schur shared his frustration with Angeleno by calling it "America's worst magazine" and posting images of the article.

But the tweets didn't stop there. Schur also called out the magazine's top executives and held them responsible for the offensive and problematic story. "I think (publisher) Christopher Gialanella 'must' seriously reconsider all of his life decisions and then probably conclude that he sucks," Schur said. "I'd also like to invite Angeleno magazine's Editor-in-Chief Amanda Friedman to reevaluate her life and editorial choices. #MustDo"

Ever since the Tweets caught the attention of social media, the staff of Angeleno addressed the plastic surgery article on their Facebook page and Twitter today with the following statement:

"There has been some concern raised about a current feature in the magazine on innovative cosmetic procedures. The story is intended to be an informational piece for those readers interested in learning about the topic. To clear up any misinterpretation, each section is broken up into decades and addresses the most popular concerns raised to our panel of experts in their professional experience. The treatments suggested speak to those common issues, and how to rectify them. They are not intended to read as a must-do for all, only those who are experiencing the concerns listed and choose to embark on a cosmetic/plastic surgery procedure. While we understand how “must-do,” read out of context, could be misinterpreted, that was by no means our intent. We hope this clears up any confusion."

Meanwhile, Schur has yet to respond to the magazine's statement. See portions of the Angeleno plastic surgery "must-do" article below from Schur's Twitter below:

We hope the next time Angeleno magazine publishes a story about plastic surgery, they will be smarter about the language they use or better yet, just kill the story altogether.