Beyonce's New Nail Wraps Are Flawless

Remember that one time Queen Bey released a set of nail wraps with NCLA? Well she’s at it again! Beyonce just released a second set of nail wraps with three brand new designs, one of which is a honeycomb pattern, called Beyhive, because apparently that’s what Beyoncé’s fandom is called. Who knew?

On NCLA’s website, "Beyhive," the honeycomb pattern is described as "a golden beehive texture inspired by Beyoncé's community of fans, with a subtle bee stripe overlay as an accent. The perfect way to show your loyalty to the Queen B." There are two other wraps called "Je Ne Sais Quoi" and "Cat-Calls On Cat-Walks," inspired by “Blow” and “Haunted,” which have a neon design and lace motif, respectively.

Beyoncé’s first collection for NCLA (which are still available on the site) featured a variety of designs, including a plaid set named “I Woke Up Like This" and a black and white set with Bey's lyrics called "I Come With A Side Of Trouble."

Each set of nail wraps costs $18, but true Beyoncé worshippers can buy all seven sets plus a clear gloss for $115. Quite a commitment for a fresh-to-death mani, but if it’s Beyoncé approved, it might be worth the investment.

NCLA For Beyoncé Collection in "Beyhive"

NCLA For Beyoncé Collection in "Cat-Calls On Cat-Walks"

NCLA For Beyoncé Collection in "Je Ne Sais Quoi"

Images: NCLA (3)