Miley Adds A New Tattoo To Her Collection

Miley Cyrus continues to collect artwork... on her body! Miley Cyrus got a brand new tattoo on her arm and it lives among a bunch of tiny and seemingly random tats that are sprinkled all over various parts of her body. I fear that the singer/actress/wild child of pop music is turning into One Direction's Harry Styles with her tattoos. She needs to either chill out with the random inkings or she needs to full on commit to a massive piece.

Her latest tattoo is the word "BIEWTY" and it's a matching piece she shares with her male assistant Cheyne Thomas. It's the phonetic spelling of the word "Beauty" — sound it out — and Miley reportedly calls Thomas "Biew." So there. It has a sweet meaning, but...

Let's get one thing straight. Tattoos are commonplace in our culture, on our celebs, and on civilians. If you don't have a tattoo, you're in the minority. Miley and her pop peers like Rihanna and Lady Gaga, add new ink with increasing frequency. But RiRi and Gaga each have big pieces that likely required them to sit several hours in their tattooist's chairs, whereas Miley has a bunch of here-and-there pieces. They're cute, for sure. But they feel a bit disconnected and they don't really seem to tell a unified story.

When you have a lot of tattoos, symmetry is critical and I am feeling like Miley lacks that element and shouldn't, since her tattoos have deeper meaning.

See Miley's new tattoo, living among her other little tattoos on her arms.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Miley's arms are one of her fave places to add ink.

Mike Moore/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She also has a dream catcher on her side, which is a super painful place to get a tattoo. It's one of my faves, since it's so big and intricate.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Cyrus' tattoos are scattered everywhere and some have an impulsive, "in the moment" vibe, which is fine and dandy, as they represent chapters of her life and her experiences.

But I'd love to see her get something bigger or bolder. I'm not suggesting a sleeve or a complete back piece, but something fully fleshed out would be totally rad! It would fit her style and image. Plus, connectivity and an overall flow are key elements of tattoos, especially when you have multiples.

Cyrus' portrait of her maternal grandmother Loretta Finley is another of her best, most artistic pieces. Why not more of this style?

It's estimated that Cyrus has around 25 tattoos — remember when she had "Rolling Stone" etched on the bottom of her feet and the sad kitty on her lip? She clearly digs getting inked. I'd just like to see her connect her art in a more seamless way, since she has some really pretty pieces.

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