Here's What We Know About MODA, The Digital MUA

FOREO, the Swedish beauty company, has appeared to add another impressive product to its portfolio. MODA is a digital makeup artist that allows you to virtually recreate the makeup looks you want to copy in an instant. The brand has previously launched the LUNA facial cleansing brush and the ISSA electric toothbrush, so it has a track record. Now, FOREO is looking to break the mold in the complicated, often contradictory world of makeup application and the "how to" field.

But... is it real? Some online skeptics are calling "BS" and thinking it's an April Fool's Day joke that has come a few days early.

I received the information via a publicist and there is a fully functioning website and an accompanying YouTube video detailing the product. So it'd seem like FOREO went to a lot of trouble if it were indeed a joke. The company did not yet reveal the price of this high-tech, virtual MUA, either. Maybe it's that elite and expensive?

That said, here's what it purports to do.

Through facial scanning technology and 3D printing, it will replicate makeup looks in 30 seconds. Screw endlessly scanning YouTube for tutorials and how-tos, since it takes MODA a half-a-minute to produce a look. MODA can be your very own virtual makeup artist.

If you are interested, MODA is an invite-only launch. You can sign up if you want to nab MODA for yourself!


But, before you hop on that list, please note that I am not suggesting that it would be a perfect replacement for a real, live, human makeup artist.

While tutorials and how-tos could become obsolete in MODA’s eyes, I am not ready to give up on an IRL, experienced makeup maven. But I admit that I am insanely intrigued by this possibly revolutionizing concept... if it's real.

Here is everything that we know about the digital makeup artist, which appears to be high-tech and to eliminate a lot of guesswork

1. It's A Smart MUA

Mary Turner/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Via advanced 3D printing and facial mapping/scanning technology with an integrated smartphone app, MODA allows users to pick their desired looks from any social media platform or website and have them replicated to and for their own face via a photo in 30 seconds. It's an intuitive interface and it browses a web library; or the user can upload the looks they want to achieve to their own library.

2. Scanners And Lenses


The MODA operates facial scanning software and has a biometric lens, which analyzes your facial landscape and pigmentation in order to customize makeup that fits both your face and skin tone. While that sounds very mechanical, it's also be a pretty freaking awesome option, too. You could say "Buh-bye" to the headache that is wondering if you are warm or cool toned or if a concealer is a shade or two lighter than your own skin tone.

3. Printer Prowess


Once the look is chosen, the info is relayed to the printer, which applies it to the face in three phases: primer, foundation, and color. The printout is so precise it can even get liner to hug the lashline!

So basically, MODA replicates via a printout, after you choose a red carpet look from a library and the device scans your face.

It sounds cool and I'd want to try it, for sure. Again, I am not convinced, at least in theory, that it will make makeup artists or YouTube video specialists like Michelle Phan a thing of the past. But MODA feels like it'd be an added asset when it comes to makeup application.

Images: FOREO PR (2); Getty (4)