Americans Try Nutella For The First Time

My feelings about people who haven't tried Nutella before are torn. Part of me says, "You poor, poor souls, you're missing out on so much in life," and the other part of me says, "Oh, don't do it. Run. That's a can of worms (or chocolate) best left unopened." As much as I love Nutella, I try not to buy it because it's just so addicting. Everything about it, from the texture to the consistency to the rich flavor, is just incomparably delicious, and it is so hard to take just one bite of anything whenever Nutella is involved. This is why when I watched this hilarious BuzzFeed video of people trying Nutella for the first time, I couldn't decide if I wanting people to like it or if I wanting people to just walk away and never fall prey to the Nutella wormhole.

The best part about Nutella is its versatility. You can eat it on bananas, crackers, toast, sandwiches, or just by itself. When I was studying abroad in Morocco, Nutella was everywhere, so a favorite snack for my friends and I was a grilled Nutella and peanut butter sandwich. Nutella isn't just versatile food-wise — the reasons to eat it are endess as well. Do you have a reason to celebrate? Treat yo' self to Nutella. Are you sad? Cope with Nutella. Are you mad? Angry eat your way through half a jar. Really, no matter what the situation is, Nutella makes everything better — especially on a marshmallow and Nutella sandwich:

Since the video shows a Nutella sandwich and Nutella soft serve, here are 5 more Nutella combinations we came up with that you absolutely have to try:

1. Two-ingredient Nutella Brownies

Rich, chocolate deliciousness that's super easy to prepare. Get the recipe here.

2. Nutella Cookie Bars

Cookies just got a tasty upgrade with this delightfully simple dessert. Get the recipe here.

3. Gooey Nutella Cobbler

Looking for something sweet to warm you up on a cold night? Get the recipe here.

4. Nutella No-Bake Cheesecake

Easy, delicious, and NO ovens required. Get the recipe here.

5. Bacon and Nutella Napoleons

Because bacon is a must-have with any dessert. Get the recipe here.

Watch the full BuzzFeed video below:

Images: the Kitchn; Food Fanatic; Savory Sweet Life; My Baking Addiction; A Spicy Perspective; BuzzFeed Video/YouTube