See How 12 Artists Drew One Nude Woman

What I love about art is that it's totally subjective. Anything and everything depends on the perspective of the artist, even when they are painting a real-life nude model. That subjectivity is also exactly what an Imgur user captured in a gif of a model drawn by 12 artists. You would think that one model would inspire replicas of the same picture, and in a sense she does, but what stands out to me are the variations in the artists' renderings.

The beginning of the gif is pretty much the same things with a few basic lines, but as time goes on and the model moves through poses (how long did she hold that crouching pose?!) while the photographer circulates the room, the pictures gain a bit more variety. Some artists have very gentle lines with the lines and others prefer dark bold ones. And I can't help but notice another thing, that's perfectly pointed out by one Imgur commenter: "There's always someone who over-does [sic] it on shading."

But really, even if you're not here for an artistic analysis of these sketches, you have to admit that the gif is simply just fun to watch. Feast your eyes on the mesmerizing beauty below.

Images: AnaesthetizedCephalopod/Imgur (2)