Beauty DIY Kits You've Gotta Try

It's always a bummer when you realize that your signature scent isn't truly your signature scent. That's the downside of being able to pick up a bottle of Marc Jacob's Daisy or Versace's Bright Crystal in at any makeup counter around the globe — anyone else can, too. But now, your quest for a totally unique fragrance is as easy as swinging by a Sephora. The quintessential beauty haven has just released a Fred Segal DIY perfume kit so you can create a custom fragrance that's all yours, right in your kitchen.

A luxury that was previously only reserved for the most regal of celebs, now you can brew your own sweet-smelling concoction at an affordable price. The DIY kit, dubbed The Blend , comes with a wide variety of single-note rollerball scents, like Water Lily (a light floral bouquet), Citrus Zest (a blend of citrus-y mandarin and grapefruit), and Amber Vanilla (a warm and sweet mix of vanilla and honey). With a quick swipe of a few of the different notes on your wrist, you've just blended yourself a totally unique signature fragrance. Voila!

For those who are a little nervous about accidentally creating a odorous, olfactory disaster, the kit also comes with a pamphlet with suggested blends, InStyle reports, like Forest Clean Musk + Forest Patchouli = the delicious "Morning Musk." But feel free to let your creative colors show and whip up a scent that's all your own.

But now that my custom perfume dreams are possible, I want to turn my apartment into a chemistry lab and start creating dozens of other beauty DIY treats. And thanks to these 4 other magical little kits, it's as easy as can be!

1. Makerskit DIY Soap Kit from Urban Outfitters

For adorably-enhanced soap that won't end in you burning down your apartment!

2. Mary Kearns DIY Lip Balm on Uncommon Goods

You can now know what's going into the stuff you smear on your lips and make sure it's all natural goodies. Plus, you can customize the scent to suit your mood! No more whining in Walgreens that they're out of the strawberry EOS.

3. DIY Eyeshadow Kit from Soap Conscious

This one is a little pricey, but sooo worth it. Imagine having every shade of the Nars color wheel at your disposal?!

4. DIY Studio Loofah Soap Making Kit from HSN

A kit for sweet and unique exfoliating goodness. Perfection.

Images: Getty Images, Courtesy Brands