Where Is Nasty Gal Headed? Away From The Club

by Stephanie Chon

When you think of Nasty Gal, what comes to mind? If you said, everything on my current fashion wish list, then the major women's retailer must be doing something right. But if you think club attire, that might change soon, because Sophia Amoruso wants Nasty Gal to be known for more than just its clubbing apparel, or at least that's what the plan is.

With their second store just opening up in Santa Monica, Amoruso shares how she envisions Nasty Gal to expand out of its signature tight dresses and sequins to venture into fashion staples. She’s talkin’ staples that even, “fashion nuns would love, whether it’s a vintage caftan or a leather jacket or high-waisted jeans." Amoruso continues by saying, "Those aren’t things that are risqué or trends in any way — they’re perennial staples. She explains that “it was from selling those pieces, originally vintage, that they became a part of our playbook about what we buy and what we present to our customer.”

Their latest new arrivals are filled with denim, lace, and festival must-have booties, but you’ll still stumble across a few signature-looking Nasty Gal dresses in all their metallic and bodycon glory. Either way, I’m really loving the diversity that Amoruso is putting forward in her brand and especially how she is connecting with her consumers.

Amoruso told that she really utilizes her social media platforms because she thinks, “it’s amazing how directly you can connect with people via social media." She says, "As someone who grew up in a world with brands that felt so far away from who were and had so little understanding of who you were and spoke to you like you were a moron.”

Amoruso wants to step up and be one of the first brands of this generation to use social media to reach out to her target audience and she’s pretty confident about her works in doing so as she explained, “And people feel it when there’s someone real on the other end and when there isn’t, and I think we’re probably the best at that as far as brands go — and I don’t really say I’m the best at anything, but I can very comfortably say that.” Sounds like Nasty Gal is going in a great direction and I’m stoked to see where else Amoruso will take the brand in the future. Until then, excuse me as I go shopping for some Nasty Gal threads.

Images: nastygal/Instagram