16 Totally Valid Reasons Eating In Bed Is THE BEST

Some people may try and tell you that eating in bed is a "bad habit" or something, but not me. Here's the real and unequivocal truth, if you want my real opinion: Eating in bed is THE EFFING BEST! And those "other" people? They are clearly not living their best life. I mean, we bring each other breakfast in bed when we're trying to be all romantical, don't we? We even grew up treating our moms to some runny eggs and burnt toast on Mother's Day in bed, all in the name of love. Plus, there's this: How could eating in bed be so wrong, when it feels so right?

It's time we embrace the inevitable, here. Enjoying all of the foods while reclined in bed is a truly awesome experience. And if you haven't yet partaken in it, well... it's time to get on deck. Because there's nothing quite like the feeling of devouring Belgian waffles while sipping coffee and binge-watching Netflix — all while wrapped in your luxurious, 400 thread-count sheets.

See? It is that easy to both feed your face and relax your mind/body simultaneously. And, guys? The future? It's now. But if I haven't yet sold you on it, here's some supporting evidence to back up my case that all meals are best eaten under the comfort of your comforter:

1. Your Lap Is Nature's Tabletop

When dining in bed, don't be fooled — you're definitely not restricted to silverware-only fare. Your lap is literally anywhere you go, and acts as an effective stabilizer. It also means you don't have to do dishes. Don't ignore its many perks.

2. Blankets Don't Only Cover Your Body...

... they cover crumbs, too! Goodbye, corn chip dust. (OK, for now.)

3. Clean-Up Is Easy

Sure, you can hide corn chip dust for only so long — and just how long exactly, I'll never tell — but when the time finally comes to get your sheets straight, all you have to do is strip the bed down and throw everything in the washing machine. No big. Or you can just open your apartment window and shake them out on to some unsuspecting passerby below. Whatever works!

4. Most Of The World's Best Snacks Exist In Portable Pouches

Or convenient cones — both of which are perfect for transporting into your blanket fort.

5. There Exists No More Perfect Spot To Enjoy Leftovers

Our modern-day ability to heat up food in just seconds is already an amazing achievement for lazy — ahem — innovative people everywhere. It only makes sense to finish the job while resting comfortably.

6. It Gives Us An Opportunity To Show Someone We're Thinking Of Them

"For you!"

7. You Do Your Part To Justify The Existence Of Delivery

The worth of THOUSANDS of jobs is resting in your sluggish hands!

8. It Helps Manage Stress

Relaxation is key to improving focus and clear thinking. So truly, doing something you have to do anyway (eat) while as stationary as possible (laying in bed) has gotta help your overall mind/body health... right? Your boss should be thanking you for this practice, really.

9. The Kardashians Endorse It


10. It's A Most Holy Practice That Can Be Honored Solo...

Excuse me — it's called being in touch with the inner-me, and it's crucial.

11. ... Or With A Partner

What did I just tell you about the Kardashians? Also, #relationshipgoals.

12. It Helps Hone Those Multitasking Skills

Looks like mastering two things at once to me.

13. This Guy Does It

And he looks pretty zen about it.

14. So Does Madonna

And there's literally no point in arguing Madge's opinion on anything.

15. Our Ancestors Didn't Evolve So We Could Only Eat All Food Sitting Upright Like The Caveman Days

You can't let them down, lest you be forever haunted by their indignant spirits. Trust me — they would want this for you.

16. How Else Are You Ever Going To Get Out Of Bed...?

Food turns into energy, which we may or may not spend to gather our useless bones and finally get out of bed... at some point.

So there you have it — and there's no arguing with reason now. Go on and fry up some French toast and hop back into bed — you can thank me later.

Images: Pexels; Giphy (16)