6 Amazing Marathons Around the World

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The cheering crowds, the beautiful weather, the triumph of the human spirit, the Gatorade: Nothing brings a city together quite like a marathon. With the New York Marathon in just under a week, race season is in full swing!

Marathoners are arguably some of the craziest athletes, but also the most ambitious. Some runners have completed more than 500 marathons. And some runners try to race once in every continent, which is now more doable than ever. There are more than 500 marathon races every year in cities all over the globe. For the runner with wanderlust, destination marathons combine trip and triumph. Running 26.2 miles is the coolest (and most dehydrating) way to see a new city -- or a new landscape. Why not warm up in Warsaw, jog in Jordan, or sprint in Spain? From Antarctica to Bhutan, here 6 of the most awe-inspiring foreign marathon courses.

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