9 Crazy Easy Thanksgiving Gravy Recipes That Won't Take All Day

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Thanksgiving is not the time to be skimping on extravagances, least of all gravy. The weather is getting colder, after all, and one of the best ways to offset the austerity of winter is with the warmth of insanely delicious home-cooked food. Perhaps the most decadent and comforting concoction of all is gravy.

These recipes celebrate all that is good and righteous about gravy, while keeping their instructions clean and simple. Simple is good. Between the turkey and the stuffing and the cranberry sauce (and all those people at your house!), you're going to need all of the simple you can get. To that effect, the following recipes have your back.

But these recipes don’t just cut down on your Turkey Day multitasking. They also offer something extra — a lot of flavor and a handful of unexpected ingredients. Because it turns out you can put bacon in gravy. And sriracha. And just when you thought a sauce that is composed of meat drippings couldn’t get any more noble and magnificent, somebody went ahead and threw some Bourbon into the mix. There’s something here for everybody — the vegans, the gluten-intolerant, and the traditionalists. So many gravies! So get your boat and ladle ready — and gravy on.

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