10 Perfectly Valid Reasons To Sleep In

Almost always, I vote waking up early as the better option when it comes to climbing out of bed. However, there are clearly exceptions, and who am I to deny their existence? Some sort of rule-making wizard with ceaselessly shiny hair and a penchant for making eggs in a variety of styles? I'm working on living my best Pinterest, but not there yet. In the interim I gotta give it up to the facts: there are plenty of valid reasons to sleep in.

Even morning people are forced to occasionally leap down from their pedestal to catch a little extra shut-eye. It helps ensure you continue living your life in a normal human way, more often than not. Sometimes we get behind and have no choice but to catch up (along with the egg wizardry, I hope to one day teach my body that sleep is optional.) It's also a good measure to take to make sure people don't want to banish you from their lives since you transformed into an exhausted, quick-tempered banshee human. And? Honestly, it's pretty square to stick with the "rules" of "society" and "expectations" just because you're an "adult" or "whatever". Sleeping in isn't just for teens — YOU TOO can justify it, with some help from the internet. Here are some 100 percent legit reasons to sleep in:

It Will Make You More Likable

As previously hinted, being well-rested makes you a more tolerable person with whom others may want to co-exist. When you're zonked AF from getting up at a "normal time," chances are your reaction timing will be off, as will your ability to process information at a reasonable speed. Space cadets are fun as a Halloween costume option, not people to keep in your social circles.

No, Seriously, It Will

Conversely, if you're not straight up zombie status when rising early, you're probably gonna be kinda grouchy. I know my ceiling for stomaching anything remotely annoying drops a lot when I don't get enough sleep.

Basically, It's A Favor To Your Future Self

One study shows sleep deprivation can lead to skin aging. So clearly one can gather booking in additional ZZZZZs well into the morning could help prevent that. Wouldn't you like to be kind to 10-years-from-now you? I bet you would.

You Can Fortify Your Whole Immune System

When you don't get enough sleep, your immune system is wrecked. That kind of repeat practice can lead to your body's dropped defense when it comes to the common cold or other icky bugs. Hit snooze for your health!

It's Basically A Workout (Well, Kind Of)

Important hormones that help regulate appetite and metabolism secrete only when you're asleep. So less sleep can mess with your metabolism — same with weird or irregular sleep schedules. Maybe you should start sleeping in more often, because it's basically like its own free workout. (SCIENCE, guys. Kind of.)

You'll Be Less Stressed

Cortisol, colloquially known as "the stress hormone," rages at its peak around 7 a.m. As if life weren't stressful enough with these shiny hair goals. Skip the stress hour and rise at a more humane, chill hour instead.

It Boosts Your Libido

Apparently, each extra hour slept boosts your sex drive by 14 percent. Probably a good argument for tempting your partner to join in on all this sleeping in.

You Can — Over Time — Repay Your (Sleep) Debt

All the hours lost over a series of late nights can't be remedied in just one go. You gotta spread out the extra snoozing over time. But! Repaying your sleep debt is possible. Soon you'll be a normal person again! However, you better keep sleeping in to stay balanced.

You've Got A Buddy With You

You don't wanna disturb them! That'd be simply rude.

... Or, You're Solo

No one around to play Judge Judy on your motionless ass means you owe it to the universe to indulge. It's your debt to the universe! Not your choice, obviously.

Images: Pixabay; Giphy(9)