This Period Anthem Is Bloody Awesome

Because nothing gets you feeling jazzy like a visit from Aunt Flo, there's now a period anthem out there for the ladies who want to celebrate their monthly gift. The best period song ever — possibly also the only period song ever — comes to us courtesy of Lena D.

On her YouTube page, Lena D writes, "The goal of this song is to reduce shame and embarrassment that women feel regarding their time of month." This isn't the first time a video provides a sassy take on getting your period — HelloFlo did it, pre-teen style, back in July.

And I think women do need some encouragement to stop feeling squeamish about that time of the month. You know what I'm talking about – why do we still carry our whole bag to the bathroom, or, even more sneaky, slip a tampon up our sleeve? Why do we still quietly take someone aside to ask for a tampon while we'll ask the whole room for a cigarette? Pretty much everyone over the age of 13 knows women menstruate.

The only thing better than Lena D's video would be one proclaiming that half the population gets their period at some point, and that's all there is to it. No amount of fancy care packages and catchy tunes will erase the fact that periods are a fact of life, and there's nothing we can do about it but laugh. Still, I've had this song stuck in my head all day.

Image: The Period Store on Facebook