9 Thanksgiving Recipes that Include Bacon, Because Duh

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It’s a widely accepted culinary maxim that bacon makes every dish better. So why waste your time making bacon-less food that’s not reaching its full potential? This Thanksgiving, we have you covered. From the bread to the stuffing to the mashed potatoes and, yes, even to the dessert.

Have you ever wrapped your Thanksgiving turkey in bacon? Well, you should. You should also toss it with sugary donuts and a few vegetables and, like, call it a stuffing. Because that’s a thing — I found it on the internet. Mashed potatoes? Mac & cheese? Sure, they’re simple and classic, but they’re practically begging to be trashed up with salty, crunchy, magnificent bacony goodness. What are you waiting for? Bacon is good in savory scones and is a veritable show-stealer in the peanut butter pie arena. All good things. Cooking some green veggies this Thanksgiving? That’s very cute. Good for you. Why don’t you throw some bacon on them? And some cheese too. Have I gone too far here? I have not. Because this is just one day, guys. So let’s make it an exceptional day, and let’s make it a day full of bacon.

Image: My Name is Yeh

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