How To Wear Eyeliner For Your Eye Shape

by Marisa Dalpiaz

If you ask me, eyeliner is one of the trickiest makeup products ever, and while it's a part of almost every girl's beauty routine, many of us still struggle with how to wear eyeliner for our different eye shapes. A lot of us have been wearing the must-have makeup product since high school in one form or another, whether it's liquid or kohl. Personally, I have been through countless different kinds of eyeliner in different shades and always seem to move on to another product when it runs out, in hopes of finding a better one. Some makeup mavens may find their own eyeliner chronicles exciting, while I, on the other hand, find it exhausting. Then it dawned on me: maybe the source of the issue is not a question of the product, but rather how I am using it.

Different eye shapes call for different types of eyeliner and sometimes, different kinds of tricks. I have uncovered some helpful tips for all different kinds of eye shapes. Whether you have monolids, assymetrical eyes (sisters, not twins), the doe-eyed look, close-set eyes, small eyes, or almond eyes, there is an eyeliner hack just for you.

1. Monolids

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Asian eyes may be tricky, but monolid-eyed Jamie Chung has got some tips for you. Chung wrote up an entire post here on all kinds of products she swears by. Chung recommends a gel eyeliner in a black or dark brown shade. Instead of using a pencil, Chung suggests a pot with a brush. For application, make a thick bold line with the eyeliner so that it may be seen with your eyes open, and then smudge it softly with the eyeliner brush so that the line does not seem harsh.

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2. Asymmetrical Eyes

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If one of your eyes is bigger than the other, your eyes are asymmetrical. This is totally normal because like eyebrows, your eyes can are sisters, not twins. With the help of eyeliner, you can actually equal out your eyes, just like you would when you fill in your eyebrows. Apply the same technique by using an eyeliner pencil along the lashline from the inner to the outer corner. Apply more thickness to the outer corner of the slightly uneven eye to make it appear wider.

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3. Round Eyes

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If you have round eyes, like Alexa Chung, you are in luck because your doe-eyed lids can handle whatever you throw at it. The cat-eye is a really popular look for this shape, however, it is quite difficult to perfect. Consider the scotch tape technique. Using an eyeliner pencil, create a tiny "v" on the inner corner of your eye. Then follow that line with liquid liner and wing it towards the outer corner.

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4. Close-Set Eyes


If you have close set eyes, like Jennifer Aniston, the key is to brighten up the inner corners of your eyes to make them look further apart. A nude eyeliner, possibly one with some sheen, is a good tool to use in the inner corners. Even if you don't have close set eyes, you should prbably add this tool to your arsenal. You'll be surprised to learn how many different ways there are to use nude eyeliner.

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5. Small Eyes


If you have small eyes, like Taylor Swift, you should focus more on your lashes than your eyeliner, especially if you want to make your eyes pop and look bigger. Another way to help is — you guessed it —eyeliner. Use a felt tipped tool and draw a very thin but precise line along your upper lashes.

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6. Almond Eyes


If you have almond-shaped eyes, like Jennifer Garner, the real trick is to think 360 degrees. Apply eyeliner on the top and bottom lashes. Then smudge the upper and lower outer corners of your eyes. This helps to accentuate their amazing shape.

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