9 Body Positive Shirts And Designs To Rock During Peak Body Shaming Season (AKA Summer)

If you're a fan of the artfully worn snarky t-shirt, and an even bigger fan of body positivity, this list of — you guessed it — body positive t-shirts is for you. These amazing shirts are not only cute, but also carry important messages promoting body positivity and self love. Um, I'll take two. Or all of them. Immediately.

The great thing about (most of) these shirts is that they happen to come in different styles, which also happen to come in a wide range of sizes and fits. So if you don't see your size (or, like many of us, crew necks give you a dreaded case of uni-boob) try browsing through the different options.

by Suzanne Samin

Sassy Pug

Pugs are majestic creatures. Let this one communication that you have zero time for anyone’s body-shaming BS.

Sassy Pug, $24,

This Brilliant Lady

This plus-size roller derby queen is adorable and I want her on everything I own.

Bomba T-Shirt, $23,

Pizza Babe

I feel this shirt on a deeply spiritual level.

Pizza Babe 2, $23,

Body Positive Mirror Shirt

A friendly reminder to be kind to yourself when you catch your reflection.

#BodyPositive T-Shirt, $22,

The Ultimate Mantra

This shirt says it all. Donuts > giving a f***.

Nothing Tastes as Good as Not Giving A F*** Tee, $25,

Mean Thighs

Like Regina George’s hair, but with more voluptuous thunder.

Thighs Full of Secrets Tee, $19,

I Donut Care

Word puns + chocolate sprinkled donuts = yes.

I Doughnut Care About Your Ridiculous Beauty Standards Tee, $23,

Never Say Diet

This plus-size woman is a total babe with a great message for those of us who love to indulge now and then.

Never Say Diet T-Shirt, $23,

Fat Ladies In SPACE

OK. I’m not sure what’s going on here, but I really like it.

Sincerity Vs. the Space Squid T-Shirt, $25,