11 Gorg Plus Size Pinup Models To Swoon Over

by Suzanne Samin

We all know Tess Holliday as the biggest model (size 22) to sign with a major agency and as the founder of #EffYourBeautyStandards. But did you know she originally started as a plus size pinup model? In fact, I first found Tess while watching Cherry Dollface's pinup makeup and hair tutorials on YouTube. She'd occasionally come on as a guest, and then started making videos of her own that I loved to watch. I'll never quite be able to wield a curling iron or lip liner in such an artful manner, but man do I love to watch her do it.

That being said, I'm completely over the moon with joy that Holliday has finally been recognized for the amazing and beautiful person she is. She is a hard worker and kind hearted human being who truly deserves all her success and more. But Holliday isn't the only plus size babe rocking the pinup world. Not even close.

Just a quick search on your phone will reveal that there are tons of models on Instagram who can serve as empowering inspiration for us plus size ladies (and heck, all ladies) everywhere. (Seriously, their perfectly on fleek eyebrows alone will inspire you endlessly.) So check out these gorgeous ladies (and follow them on Instagram)!

Cherry D'Lish

I really hope somewhere on Cherry D'Lish's resume is the phrase, "Can perfectly pair a flower with any outfit," because this outfit accessory coordination is ridiculously on point. This dark-haired beauty can seriously rock a Hawaiian motif.

Flippa Bird

So, firstly, I think I need to stop for a moment and acknowledge how amazingly perfect the name Flippa Bird is. This sassy lady is a vision in her head-to-toe pink outfit. I'll be needing those fuchsia shoes, stat.

Aimee McDermott

As someone who's been wearing glasses since she was eight, I have a soft spot for bespectacled beauties. McDermott's sweet tea sipping, mechanical bull riding aesthetic screams Southern charm that's just a bit rough around the edges.

Shannon B.

Americana is right at the heart of pinup/rockabilly style, and Shannon B. OWNS it. Everything about this red, white, and blue outfit is simple, classic, and stunning. I desperately wish I knew where she got those shoes!


SpookyFatBabe does pinup in a different way. Her gorg bodycon animal print look will take everything you know about "flattering" and throw it out the window... just in time for her to crush it with her loafers.

Queenie Von Curves

I wish I had any excuse to rock red fishnets the way Queenie von Curves does. Such a babe!

Miss Mozzy Dee

Talk about rad. Miss Mozzy Dee proudly posed for Vintage Affair Magazine in just her skivvies while talking about the importance of body positivity.

April Raquel

April Raquel isn't a professional model (from what I can tell), but the results from her shoot at a Tess Holliday workshop show she damn well should be. I'm all about seeing more women of color in the pinup world.

Ivory Lovelust

The first thing that caught my attention about Ivory Lovelust was her STUNNING orange hair. Normally, orange isn't the new black when it comes to hair color, but when you know how to rock it like Ivory Lovelust, it's enough on its own to turn heads.

Miss Alyssa Kit

This pinup beauty straight up looks like a painting. Full disclosure: I spent like 20 minutes just looking through her feed. Her daring style and dreamy golden locks are reminiscent of the drawings that inspired pinup fashion to begin with — and that's a serious compliment.

And One Final Pic Of Tess Holliday, Because How Could I Not?

Images: Tess Holliday/Facebook; cherry_dlish, flippabird, ladyliverkiller, feministunicorn, spookyfatbabe, queenie_von_curves, missmozzydee, aprilraquel92, ivorylovelust, missalyssakitt, tessholliday/Instagram