23 Funny Father's Day Gifts To Get Your Favorite Bacon-Loving Dad Bod

Looking for funny Father’s Day gifts? I've got you covered! Father’s Day — Sunday, June 21 — the most dad-centric holiday of the year is almost upon us, and you still don’t know what to get yours? The gift of LOLZ, duh!! Although I’ve met some pretttty, pretttty serious dads in my day, most dads overwhelmingly love to make fun of what it means to be settled enough to have hilarious interests like mowing the lawn, eating bacon, and maintaining their borderline schlubby dad bod temples, so get your old man a few hilarious Father’s Day gifts this year, and you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank of Favorite Child Mutual & Loan!


by Courtney Kocak

Lawn Enforcement Officer T-Shirt

Never met a dad who didn’t want to enforce a lawn.

Lawn Enforcement Officer T-shirt, $22.95,

Bacon Puzzle

Srsly, how r u supposed to solve this?! All bacons look alike!

Bacon Puzzle, $15.95,

I'm Not Sleeping I'm Just Resting My Eyes Mug

Classic dad move. NO, you’re just sleeping, and we all know it!

I’m Not Sleeping I’m Just Resting My Eyes Mug, $17.90,

Eye Glasses Holder

Dads be losing their glasses amirite?! Help your old man keep track of his specs by buying him this goofy nose to set ‘em on. Plus, part of the proceeds go to help underprivileged artisans in India, which is perfect because your dad with the wonky eyes also has a heart of gold.

Eye Glasses Holder, $18,

Uncommon Goods

Dad Bod Tank Top

‘Cuz your dad’s been rockin’ the dad bod since before it was cool.

Dad Bod Tank Top, $19+,

Zen Dog Garden Sculpture

I mean, who wouldn’t want a super chill doggie Buddha chasing bad vibes off the front yard?

Zen Dog Garden Sculpture, $30-58,

Uncommon Goods

Thanks Dad Conception Mug

Thank your pops for the only thing you really, truly, 100 percent needed him for. #datspermlyfe

Thanks Dad Conception Mug, $10.98,

Slang Flashcards

Does your old man try to keep up with what the kids are saying these days, but always winds up sounding like a geezer? Give him a boost with these flashcards — his slang game will be bae in no time.

Knock Knock Slang Flashcards, $9.79,

Fish Magnet T-Shirt

Your dad’s so fly, he can’t keep the fish off of him!

Fish Magnet T-Shirt, $21.95,

Portable Briefcase BBQ Grill

Dads are historically very busy dudes with places to go and meats to grill.

Portable Briefcase BBQ Grill, $80,

World's Best Farter/Father Mug

For the multi-talented dad.

World’s Best Farter/Father Mug, $17.50,

Of Course I'm Right Hat

OK BOB, CALM DOWN! I found the perfect hat for your know-it-all dad. This primo blend of idiotic charm and blind confidence will have you laughing every time he tries to prove his point.

Of Course I’m Right Hat, $16.70,

Beer Pint Glass Stress Toy

Get your booze-lovin’ papi a beer he can take to work.

Beer Pint Glass Stress Toy, $1.99,

All Great Men Have Mustaches T-Shirt

Stroke your dad’s hairy ego with this sweet mustache pride shirt.

All Great Men Have Mustaches T-Shirt, $14.95,

Boxing Gloves Oven Mitt Set

Get your dad these boxing oven mitts, and he’ll be knocking out recipes like a prize fighter.

Boxing Gloves Oven Mitt Set, $24.80,

Shit List Mug

Your dad can keep his shit list right under his nose with this hilarious mug.

Shit List Mug, $11.95,

Who Needs Hair With A Body Like This? T-Shirt

Celebrate your balding patriarch’s more positive assets… errrr, maybe not, but who cares? It’s even funnier that way!

Who Needs Hair With A Body Like This? T-Shirt , $15.78,

Toilet Beer Koozie

If receiving a toilet-inspired koozie for Father’s Day doesn’t get your dad to stop using a beer koozie altogether, I DON’T KNOW WHAT WILL.

Toilet Beer Koozie, $11.95,

Inflatable Toupee

‘Cuz in some families, “you look stupid” means “I love you!”

Inflatable Toupee, $5.95,

Master Baiter Fisherman Tee

Get it, Pops! The fish, I mean… :/

Master Baiter Fisherman Tee, $16.99+,

Token Of My Poverty Mug

This is too real. Sorry poor dad, you taught me to follow my dreams! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Token Of My Poverty Mug, $12.55,

The Gentleman's Fart Button

Go high brow this Father’s Day — your will dad feel like a true master of the house with this debonair gentleman’s fart button!

The Gentleman’s Fart Button, $12.99, Amazon

Dad Bod On Fleek T-Shirt

One hawt dad, two trendy expressions? I don’t know if the Internet is ready…

Dad Bod On Fleek T-Shirt, $18.95+,