7 Signs You Need A New Manicurist

by Marisa Dalpiaz

I am definitely the kind of girl that likes to do my manicure and pedicure myself, but once in a while, I like to treat myself to the nail salon. But as any nail salon-goer knows, finding a new manicurist can be hard. There's not only the issue of finding someone who understands what you want or is an expert at clean lines and gel coats, there is also the problem of finding a clean nail salon that keeps everything sterile. If you've dealt with any problems with your current nail salon, it might be a good time to start looking for a new one.

In a book called "Death By Pedicure" written by Dr. Robert Spalding, it states that 75% of nail salons in the United States are not following their own state protocols for disinfections. Um, ew, amirite? The worst part is that they can get away with it because there isn't really any way to know that a tool has been properly sterilized without watching the process. I'm not saying you should never go to a salon to get your nails done again, but I am saying you should look out for some definite red flags during your next visit.

Here are 7 signs you need to look for a new manicurist.

1. Your nail technician isn't listening to you

If your nail technician is always sneaking in an accent flower on your finger when you did not ask for one or making your nails round when you specifically asked for a square shape, it's probably time to ditch him or her.

2. You're not sure how they disinfect their tools (or if they are disinfecting them at all)

As Dr. Spalding explains, it is pretty hard to avoid infections when going to a nail salon. However, the problem wouldn't exist if they all followed the protocols set forth by the state. It is OK to ask your technician what tools are single-use and which ones they are disinfecting and how they are doing it. It's information that you need to know for your health.

3. Your nail technician isn't wearing gloves

A survey from NAILS magazine says that only 17% of nail technicians wear gloves all the time. Most nail salons don't turn away paying clients. That means the person who got a pedicure before you could have had a fungus and if your technician didn't wear gloves, she could pass it along when working on you. When you think about how many people's feet they touch on a daily basis, you're going to want to find a nail salon that requires their technicians to wear gloves.

4. The nail salon doesn't look clean

Look, I get it. When you are living your busy life, you can barely find time to get a manicure, let alone a clean and sterilized nail salon. If they don't have time to clean up in between clients, what makes you think that they have time to properly sanitize their tools?

5. You're not sure what chemicals they are using

You should be able to ask them about what kinds of products they are using on your skin and what they are using to clean their tools and the footpath. If there isn't a label that you can read yourself or they can't give you a straight answer, this might be a red flag.

6. Your technician insists on removing your callouses by cutting them

Cutting is cutting. Just because there isn't any blood doesn't mean you haven't been cut. The best way to remove callouses is by using a scrub or a chemical peel.

7. You are in pain or discomfort at any point during your appointment

This is never, ever okay. Period. If you are flinching and you are being laughed at or ignored — NEXT!

Image Credit: @paiintboxnails/Instagram