5 Things We Learned From Eva's Facebook Chat

Eva Mendes is without a doubt an expert on Fashion and Beauty. Seriously, just look at her! So, when Eva Mendes gave out fashion and beauty advice to her Facebook fans yesterday, we definitely listened. But it wasn't just one way — in return, some fans even shared their own fashion and beauty tips with Mendes. One participant from the conversation on Facebook discussed making a rose water spray that she uses to refresh her makeup. Mendes seemed just as eager to recieve advice as she was to give it and responded by saying, "Thanks for your tip. I love rose water but I've never used it in this way. Excited to try!"

We learned a lot from the newest face of Estee Lauder. After all, she is a fashion and beauty maven — she's got a collection for New York and Company, her spokesmanship for Estee Lauder, and her new beauty line for Walgreens called CIRCA cosmetics. Now a new mom, Mendes admitted that she doesn't have much time to get herself ready in the mornings. She has gotten her "getting ready" routine down to five minutes and five products. Mendes told Instyle, "It's a military operation, ladies! I line everything up and have it down pat so I can get out of the house in five minutes. Well ... maybe not get out of the house, but I can do my makeup and look somewhat ready to face the world in five minutes."

Here are 5 other pearls of wisdom we learned from Eva Mendes's Facebook chat.

1. She Doesn't Wash Her Face in the Morning

"I skip washing my face in the morning! I find water dries my skin".

2. She Prefers Natural Makeup Removers

"Coconut oil on a damp washcloth."

3. She is Religious About Staying Hydrated

"Drinking warm water and lemon every morning before my coffee and staying hydrated all day long helps me stay healthy and helps my skin look its best".

4. She Thinks Age Is Just A Number

"But for me its not really about dressing age appropriate. It's more dressing body appropriate. But either way, don't forget to have fun with it".

5. She Seals Her Makeup With Steam

"Believe it or not, after I've applied my makeup, if I really want it to stay all day, I run the hot shower for a minute and I let the steam settle my makeup. I know it sounds weird but it works for me!"

Angela Weiss/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images