3 Charts That Sum Up The Fourth Of July

by Courtney Kocak

Some people say Fourth of July, others prefer to call it Independence Day instead — and while they’re both technically correct, I tend to skew towards the latter, I think because I like what it connotes. Whenever Independence Day rolls off my tongue, I’m reminded of how delightfully free this country is: so free that gay marriage is now a constitutional right, so free that Tyler Perry still gets to make movies (def seems like that should be illegal at this point or just me?), and most importantly for the matter at hand, so free that making up pie charts about the Fourth of July IS MY FREAKING JOB. God bless this mess!

I want to thank our forefathers for earning us the liberty to be as inane and ridiculous as we so choose. ‘Merica, I salute you for being a safe haven for weird chartmakers (me) who just want to get loose with a perfect spicy marg from time to time and express themselves through a series of charts about whatever inspires them, like… oh, I don’t know, Independence Day, maybe? (And booze… always booze. ;))

So cheers to freedom and charts and sharts (which is soooo fun to say), and having an unforgettable Fourth of July this year (or at least remembering part of it)! Here are a few super scientific (lololol you got me) graphs and pie charts I came up with that break down what it means to be an American on the Fourth of July.

Images: Fotolia, Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle