12 Rose Beauty Products That Will Revive Any Tired Beauty Routine And Transport You To Floral Heaven

If it's best advised to stop and smell the roses, rose based beauty products make meeting the requirement easy. The benefit of rose based beauty products is no secret, so it's no surprise there are innumerable amounts of rose-scented, rose-speckled, and rose-colored goodies on the market. Even without knowing all of the scientific benefits, the scent and feel of rose illicit all the glamorous sentiments that come with seeing and smelling a bouquet of roses. Save for those with seasonal allergies, who wouldn’t want to mimic such feelings in their daily beauty routine?

For those still unconvinced, it should be noted that rose essential oils indeed have some serious beauty benefits. Products with rose oils can serve as anti-inflammatories, reducing any unexpected (and unwanted) red blemishes. Full of Vitamin C, they can protect from sun damage; and, because rose oil acts as an incredibly effective astringent, some rose products can provide a great natural alternative to cleaning pores with alcohol-based face washes and toners.

Whatever the case, at the most essential level, rose oils just grant a hint of natural, sort of old school elegance to beauty products all while assuring that skin is left glowing. And, of course, that everything comes up roses.

Smith's Rosebud Perfume Co. Rosebud Salve

A tried-and-true classic, Smith’s Rosebud Perfume Co. Rosebud Salve truly is the cure-all it claims to be. A perfect lip and skin moisturizer, salve also helps reduce redness, thanks in large part to the anti-inflammatory powers of rose. Be it a face blemish, a small oven burn, or a bout of summer chafing, Rosebud Salve comes to the rescue.

Smith’s Rosebud Perfume Co. Rosebud Salve, $6,

Mario Badescu Rose Facial Spray

If you ever felt inclined to buy a mineral water spray but knew that you couldn’t possibly spend more than a dollar on, well, a bottle of water, than Mario Badescu Rose Facial Spray is for you. Actually cheaper than most of those aforementioned mineral mists, this rose facial spray not only refreshes skin, but it can also provide a quick face cleanse, leaving pores clean without making them feel tight, all thanks to the natural astringent properties of rose.

Mario Badescu Rose Facial Spray, $7,

Lush Rose Queen Bath Bomb

I have an addiction to Lush Bath Bombs. It’s not something I’m proud of, but I’ve spent more than a few hours watching YouTube demos trying to decide which bomb I’ll buy next, and I’ve definitely cancelled plans so I could go home and try one. The Rose Queen Bath Bomb is one of my favorites, as it transforms bathwater into a literal pool of roses, petals, fragrance, pink color, and all.

Lush Rose Queen Bath Bomb, $5,

Fresh Rose Face Mask

Billed as containing “an average of two-and-a-half roses per jar,” the Fresh Rose Face mask promises to grant all the skin healing benefits that come from such a high density of rose oils. Definitely a splurge, this rose face mask is worth the investment if rose products are your thing. (If not, or if you’d prefer a cheaper option, I suggest a DIY rose sugar scrub.)

Fresh Rose Face Mask, $62,

Benefit BeneBalm

The more compact version of the Benefit Lip and Cheek Tint, this tinted stick leaves lips feeling soft and smooth without the heaviness of products that results from gooier balms. The tint is a perfectly rosy shade of red, one that lasts for hours and could easily be passed off as lipstick. Oh, and of course, it smells like roses.

Benefit Hydrating Tinted Lip Balm, $18,

EO Rose + Chamomile Shower Gel

With a list of organic ingredients that anyone can pronounce, EO Rose + Chamomile Shower Gel proves the perfect alternative to any chemically-based options. Not only does it still lather up as nice as a typical drugstore body wash (a problem I’ve had with other organic shower products), but in paring rose with chamomile, this gel offers a unique combination of scents that leaves skin calm, clean, and bright.

EO Rose + Chamomile Shower Gel, $15,

Korres Wild Rose Daily Brightening & Refining Buff Cleanser

A gentle daily cleanser, this Korres product transforms all types of skin with the power of the wild roses at its base. Certainly cheaper than a lot of other natural rose-based face washes and masks, this cleanser is a great way to test out the rose beauty tide before taking the plunge and investing in a pricier product.

Korres Wild Rose Daily Brightening & Refining Buff Cleanser, $28,

L'Occitane Roses Et Reines Solid Perfume

Despite all misconceptions, rose perfume isn’t just for your grandmother. This L’Occitane solid perfume grants the perfect floral touches, plus its compact, easily transportable package assures that you’ll be smelling of roses all day long.

L’Occitane Roses et Reines Solid Perfume, $12,

Burt's Bees Rosewater Toner

As had been already mentioned, rose oils are a great natural astringent. So what does that mean? Well, an astringent constricts the pores, cleaning then tightening them to keep out any dirt and other nasty oils. Such is the purpose of toners, many of which prove alcohol-based and come with the side effect of leaving skin feeling tight and dry. This rose toner, however, cleanses without making skin feel tight, plus, it leaves skin glowing with a delicate hint of fresh roses.

Burt’s Bees Rosewater Toner, $11,

Pré de Provence Rose Pure Vegetable Soap

Made in France, this fancy soap is a total steal. Speckled with rose petals that act as a natural exfoliant, the soap lathers nicely and, as opposed to many floral products that just sort of cover your body in perfume, it actually leaves skin feeling clean.

Pré de Provence Rose Pure Vegetable Soap, $6,

Benefit Benetint Cheek Stain

There’s a reason why Benefit Benetint Cheek and Lip Stain has been around for so long. As implied in the name, the product serves multiple purposes, and it does each incredibly well. Dab a bit on cheeks for a subtle rose flush or dot some on lips for a long-lasting stain — it’s that easy.

Benefit Benetint Cheek and Lip Stain, $30,

Fresh Sugar Rosé Extreme Lip Treatment

A new take on the classic Fresh Rosé lip balm, this lip treatment comes packed with SPF 15 and is infused with rose water for a deeper, smoother, and more fragrant rose tint. Not to mention it comes in a beautiful rose emblazoned package that makes slicking it on lips all the more glamorous.

Fresh Sugar Rosé Extreme Lip Treatment, $22,