16 Dorm Room Posters For College Freshmen Who Have Amazing Taste

Congratulations, almost-college freshmen, you are about to embark on an adventure that will help form the foundation for the rest of your life. And while it's both thrilling and terrifying to be out on your own, I've got 16 of the best dorm room posters that will instantly make you feel right at home in your new digs — plus they have the added bonus of making your new suitemates instantly in awe of your incredible taste. So set any anxiety you may have aside, my friend, and enjoy the exciting possibilities of the future... poster-style!


by Courtney Kocak

Birth Of A Star Poster

It’s your time to shine, baby!

Birth of a Star Poster, $7.99,

Every Great Wizard Poster

Everyone has to start somewhere.

Every Great Wizard Poster, $15+,

Keep Calm And Love Pizza Poster

If there’s one thing I learned in college, it’s that pizza is the answer to all of life’s problems.

Keep Calm and Love Pizza Poster, $16,

Moon Landing Footprint Poster Print

This is one small step for you, one giant leap for your future.

Moon Landing Footprint Poster Print, $6.99,

Lincoln Internet Wall Art Poster

Honest Abe was very forward-thinking.

Lincoln Internet Wall Art Poster, $16,

Girl With A Pearl Earring Poster

OK, we’ve officially hit peak selfie.

Girl with a Pearl Earring Poster, $17.95,

Taste We Can Believe In Poster

Now this is exactly the kind of change we’ve been waiting for.

Taste We Can Believe In Poster, $17.95,

Dorm Sweet Dorm Poster

There’s no place like dorm.

Dorm Sweet Dorm Poster, $33 (for 16” x 20”),

Motivational Poster

It’s time to bulldoze dem walls gurl.

Motivational Poster, $14.65 (for small),

World Map In Words Poster

A different way to look at the world.

World Map in Words Poster, $8.99,

Humerus Wall Art Poster

Pre-med with a funny bone? I got you.

Humerus Wall Art Poster, $16,

Harley Quinn Poster

Your favorite female superhero will help you be fearless in your friend-making. *flexed bicep emoji*

Harley Quinn Poster, $9.62+,

Vertigo Drop Black Light Poster

All I’m saying is I went college, and this *might* come in handy.

Vertigo Drop Black Light Poster, $14.95,

Leslie Knope Poster Print


Leslie Knope Poster Print, $8+,

Unity Poster

Be one with all the new bad bitches around you.

Unity Poster, $32.99,

The Key Giant Coloring Poster

Sometimes the best way to move forward is with a blast from the past.

The Key Giant Coloring Poster, $9.89,