12 Stylish, Ethical Gifts for Everyone on Your Holiday List

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Every year, I swear I'm only going to purchase gifts that "give back," so to speak — an ethically-knit sweater for my mom, a motorcycle for my dad that releases zero carbon emissions, a gigantic Barbie playhouse for my little cousins that's made entirely of recycled gum wrappers, and so on. But ever year, it's the same sad story: I blow approximately a paycheck and a half on mass-produced junk from the mall. What can I say? Sometimes "ethical gifts" just aren't that cute.

Not any more. Every year, the ethical gift scene gets bigger, better, and most importantly for the aesthetes among us, way hipper. There's something here for everyone on your shopping list, from your grouchy boss to your foodie pals to that dude who you're hoping to kiss on New Year's Eve.

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