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Ariana Grande On The *Exact* Lip Combo She's Currently Obsessed With

It might just include a new r.e.m. beauty launch, too...

Ariana Grande tells Bustle all about her newest r.e.m. beauty launch: The Essential Drip Glossy Balm...
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Earlier this month, Ariana Grande released one of her most intimate, highly-acclaimed albums to date: Eternal Sunshine. Fans have been busy streaming songs like “we can’t be friends” and “true story” ever since — though, the artist isn’t quite done feeding her devoted fans...

Formally launching on April 2, Grande will welcome a new lip-loving product to her r.e.m. beauty collection (which already includes liners, lipsticks, plumping glosses, and more). This product, however, is a hybrid formula that just so happens to be Grande’s current obsession.

Here, Grande tells Bustle more about her upcoming launch and which lip combination she’s rocking in her Eternal Sunshine era.

Meet The Essential Drip Glossy Balm

Dubbed the Essential Drip Glossy Balm ($19), this release features a multi-tasking formula that’s made to feel as nourishing as a lip treatment — but with the high-shine and pigmentation of a lip gloss. Available in six wearable shades — from a classic red called “Shirley,” to a trendy cottagecore berry hue aptly named “Juicebox” — this lippie is packed with moisturizing hyaluronic acid, as well as pomegranate and passion fruit antioxidants.

“I'm very into products that multi-task,” Grande tells Bustle. “I wanted this to be an effective lip treatment, but also double as a lip gloss. I love to wear it alone just for a sheer flush of color and some hydration, but it also wears really well with our lip liners and stains, like any gloss would.”

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Similar to a deeply hydrating lip mask, the Glossy Balms have a rich, jelly-like formula that coats lips with juicy hydration, glossy shine, and an ultra-sheer color. Smooth and silky, it’s completely non-sticky and feels comfortable on one’s pout.

“One of my favorite parts of this process was finding our applicator,” she says. “I love how the contoured curve hugs the lips from either side, and the cute little tapered tip for precise application.”

While Grande has previously told Bustle that the Sweetener Foundation ($35) and Babydoll Eyeshadow Palette ($25) are amongst her favorite creations to date, she says the Glossy Balm has quickly become her go-to. “I genuinely can’t get enough of these — I have two by my bed and literally three different ones in my purse at the moment. I’m very obsessed.”

Her Eternal Sunshine-Era Lip Combo

Thus far, Grande’s Eternal Sunshine era has been defined by red lips, red nails, and red ’fits aplenty — but the pop star tells Bustle her current lip combo is actually pink-on-pink à la Glinda the Good Witch.

“My current favorite lip-layering combo is our Lip Liner Pencil in ‘Key Change’ to define my lips, with our Lip Marker in ‘Booked N Busy’, and topped off with the Glossy Balm in ‘Strawberry Soda.’”

In other words? Glinda’s color palette will *always* reign supreme.