Benefit Dropped 2 New Brow Products & They’ve Transformed My Arches

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An honest review of Benefit's new Precisely, My Brow Detailer and Wax.
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People’s eyebrow routines are arguably the most personal part of their beauty regimens. The way you zhuzh your arches can change your entire appearance, after all.

While countless eyebrow trends have had their time in the spotlight — such as ’90s-inspired pencil-thin brows, laminated brows, and even a more high-fashion bleached look — one thing is for certain: Natural brows will truly never go out of style.

Thankfully, Benefit Cosmetics — a brand beloved for its collection of brow products as well as other viral cult-faves like the Benetint — just dropped two new brow essentials that will elevate your beauty game.

The Precisely, My Brow Detailer

Available in six shades, Benefit’s Precisely, My Brow Detailer ($22) pencil boasts the smallest tip on the market at a teeny tiny .8mm (which is half the size of the brand’s Precisely, My Brow Pencil). In turn, this tool allows for ultra-fine strokes that mimic the appearance of real brow hair.

Benefit Cosmetics

With a waterproof formula that doesn’t budge throughout the day, the Detailer comes equipped with a built-in barrier that protects the more delicate tip from breaking off as you apply. On the other end of the pencil is a small spoolie to brush and blend with.

The Precisely, My Brow Wax

The Brow Wax comes in 12 shades and offers full-coverage pigment by way of a thick, creamy formula that effortlessly sculpts and shapes your arches.

Benefit Cosmetics

Once this Brow Wax has fully dried, your brows are as good as *laid* for a long day of wear — and won’t come off until you want it to. Consider it a tint-lamination hybrid that comes in a tube.

An Honest Review

As someone with brows on the thinner side, I feel my best after I’ve filled in those sparse areas and defined my arched shape.

Olivia Rose Rushing

TBH, some products can be a bit too bold for my more natural glam aesthetic, but the Brow Detailer in particular is *chef’s kiss.* The micro-mini tip creates the most precise, hair-like strokes — and while it takes a bit more time to fill in my brows, the result is the natural-looking appearance of full and fluffy arches that I dream of.

I then use the wax to beautifully lock the look in place, and it actually lasts all day — without smearing. I’m obsessed with this duo.