Is Beyoncé’s Cécred Hair Care Worth The Hype?

Here are our editors’ honest thoughts.

An honest review of Beyoncé's Cécred hair care products, straight from two editors with opposite hai...
Jordan Murray; Olivia Rose Rushing
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For years now, an endless stream of celebrities have dreamed up their own beauty brands.

Although major pop stars and actors top the lengthy list, one beloved megastar has been noticeably absent from the space — until now.

Beyoncé’s Cécred Is *Finally* Here

Back in May 2023, Beyoncé teased her hair care brand, leaving the world wondering what she might be creating behind the scenes. Then, on Feb. 20, the multi-hyphenate finally entered the ever-growing celebeauty universe with Cécred.

Cécred launched with the Foundation Collection, a versatile range of seven hair essentials formulated with the brand’s patent-pending keratin recovery technology that works to strengthen and revive hair health. The line prioritizes scent and texture, too, and promises a luxuriously sensorial experience that embraces the ritualistic nature of one’s hair care routine.

On a deeper level, Queen Bey aims to not only honor her roots (her first job was sweeping hair in her mother’s beauty salon), but create beautiful products that make women with every hair type and texture feel good.

Courtesy of Cécred

As with most celeb-led brands, of course, there tends to be a dose of speculation from shoppers — so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to see if the hype is warranted.

Meet The Editors

Cécred offers hair care for every hair type, and Bustle has tapped two editors with completely different textures to put the products to the test.

Jordan Murray; Olivia Rose Rushing

Jordan: Type 3C Curls

“I have curly, type 3C hair. While I have a lot of hair on my head, my individual strands are fine, so I have gone through periods of breakage around my hairline because my baby hairs are so delicate.

Curly hair tends to run really dry, so I’m always looking for products that will leave my hair feeling super hydrated and soft. I love a treatment that helps strengthen my strands, add fullness, and promote growth — because my goal is to have my hair flow down the length of my back.” — Jordan Murray, beauty intern

Olivia: Fine Hair With Waves

“I have fine, color-treated hair that once had ringlet curls, but through years of salon appointments and heat styling, now just has soft waves. While my roots tend to get quite oily between washes, my ends always crave rich oils.

Because my hair is so thin, it often lacks volume and fullness — and while I love powdered dry shampoos and texturizers to add lift, my strands need weightless formulas that keep it looking bouncy, hydrated, and glossy.” — Olivia Rose Rushing, beauty writer

First Impressions

Before the formulas ever touched Jordan or Olivia’s hair, the girlies had some thoughts.

Jordan Loves The Brand’s Luxe Vibe

“At first glance, I really liked the product packaging. It’s simple, sleek, and aesthetically pleasing. It gives that luxe, spa-like vibe which I feel enhances the experience of using the product.

The size of the bottles is also really nice. I’ve found that brands often charge a lot for small bottles with not that much product, but I don’t get that sense with Cècred.” — JM

Olivia Adores The Sultry Oud Scent

“As a total fragrance lover, scent is almost as important as a product’s performance for me — and Cécred completely understood the assignment. Its signature aroma smells of exotic oud, lush jasmine petals, rich sandalwood, and dreamy musk, and perfectly lends itself to the brand’s core belief that hair care is sacred.” — ORR

The Nourishing Hair Oil

Formulated with a blend of 13 nourishing oils — including sea buckthorn, black seed, golden jojoba, and coconut — the Nourishing Hair Oil ($44) is made for those with medium to thick hair in mind.

A Little Goes A Long Way

“As someone with dry ends, I often reach for oils for a quick hydrating fix — and while this particular product isn’t ideal for those with fine hair, I found it to be quite lovely.

For my long hair, one or two drops of the rich elixir effortlessly nixes any frizz and adds a high-shine gloss. Too much product did make my hair feel weighed down, but with a conservative amount, this little bottle of liquid gold will last me a really long time.” — ORR

The Hydrating Shampoo

The Hydrating Shampoo ($30) is infused with hyaluronic acid and promises nourished, more manageable, and strengthened strands.

It Delivers A Deep Lather

“Because shampoos are meant to cleanse, I find that most tend to strip my hair and leave it feeling brittle and dry. This one did not disappoint.

It had a nice lather and my scalp felt really clean, but after rinsing out the product, my hair didn’t feel rid of moisture — rather, it was quite soft, which is something that I usually don’t expect to feel until after washing.” — JM

The Clarifying Shampoo & Scalp Scrub

The Clarifying Shampoo & Scalp Scrub ($38) works to remove product buildup and promote scalp health via gentle exfoliants that leave your head feeling squeaky clean.

It’s Incredibly Gentle

“After a recent discussion with a scalp care specialist who told me that scrubs aren’t always the best idea, I was wary I wouldn’t love this product — but I was immediately impressed with just how gentle the formula was.

It’s perhaps the most gentle formula I’ve tried on the market, so much so that you hardly feel any grit at all. A tiny bit of product lathers to an impossibly rich consistency, and almost feels more like a nourishing treatment than an exfoliant. Its unique tea tree, lemon, and peppermint scent is cooling and soothing, and the product truly leaves me feeling like a new woman once it has rinsed away.” — ORR

The Moisturizing Deep Conditioner

Lush and deeply hydrating, the Moisturizing Deep Conditioner ($38) is meant to bring curly and coily hair types the moisture it craves.

My Hair Immediately Felt Softer

“This Deep Conditioner is definitely going to become a part of my weekly hair routine, as it’s super thick and the perfect consistency for detangling. My hair feels so soft after rinsing it away, and that’s before adding in any oils or leave-in conditioner.” — JM

The Reconstructing Treatment Mask

The Reconstructing Treatment Mask ($42) is formulated for anyone struggling with dryness from heat styling or color treatments. With ingredients like keratin ferment and vitamin E, it works to moisturize, help repair damage, and reduce breakage.

Jordan’s Hair Was Effortlessly Detangled

“I used the Reconstructing Treatment Mask after the shampoo. When it comes to treatments, it takes several uses to truly notice a difference, so I can’t comment on whether my hair looked healthier or felt stronger. That said, I really liked the thick consistency of the product, and I could easily slip hair through my fingers as I detangled it. It also served as good prep for the deep conditioner.” — JM

Olivia’s Hair Never Felt Weighed Down

“I love treating my hair with a weekly mask, and this one stands out. I was so surprised by the silky-thin consistency of the formula, and as soon as I applied it to my lengths, it felt like a dream on my wet hair. After styling as usual, it felt like my hair looked healthier and more hydrated (even after just one use).” — ORR

The Final Verdict

In short: Cècred is the real deal, and both Jordan’s 3C curls and Olivia’s thin strands have found products that fit their unique needs.

Jordan Says It’s Curly Girl-Approved

“After using Cècred, my hair feels softer than it has in a long time, and my curls have such a nice sheen. The only difference in my routine was the addition of the Cècred products, so it’s safe to say they are here to stay. As a curly girl, I highly recommend giving them a try.” — JM

Olivia Loves How Little Product You Need

“At times, washing my hair can feel like a chore — but with Cècred, I found the products’ aromas to be soothing and to truly enhance that ritualistic, sacred approach to taking care of my hair. As someone with thin strands, I found that a little product goes a long way with this brand (which means that I won’t need a refill for a long time), and I will definitely be incorporating the products into my normal routine. Obsessed.” — ORR