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Charli D’Amelio Talks Beauty, Mental Health & Her Major New Haircut

Plus the one controversial beauty practice every day.

Charli D'Amelio sits down with Bustle to discuss her current beauty essentials, her mental health, a...
Beauty Detail
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In Bustle’s Beauty Detail, we dive into the beauty bags of our favorite talents for intel on the rituals that keep them glowing. Here, Charli D’Amelio tells Bustle about her partnership with Garnier, where she’s at in her mental health journey, and the beauty essentials she swears by.

Just a few years ago, Charli D’Amelio lived a very quiet, quintessentially “normal” life with her family in Connecticut. But after sharing dance videos on TikTok at a time when the platform was brimming with similar content, D’Amelio began to gain followers by the thousands, forever changing the course of her (and her family’s) life.

Akin to beloved reality stars before her — like the business savvy Kardashians, for one — the D’Amelio family’s success hinges on their vulnerability. Charli has been open about how her mental health has been negatively affected because of it, though the 20-year-old tells Bustle that she’s more at peace than ever before.

“I'm very, very lucky to say I've been doing really well,” she says over Zoom. “I feel like I've been getting out of my comfort zone a lot and I finally have some really solid friends out in LA. I'm doing last minute plans, which is the farthest thing from anything I've ever done in my life. I've been very content and just really having so much fun.”

In the spirit of ushering in a new—and much happier—era, the multi-hyphenate recently cut her hair into a shoulder-skimming bob.

“Hair is such a special thing and it holds so much importance,” she says. “The last time when I truly had a bob, I was probably 16, so it was just time to try it again.”

Aside from balancing a reality show of her own on Hulu, a family-run footwear collection, and more, D’Amelio was named the newest brand ambassador for Garnier—a serendipitous partnership for the starlet.

“I used Garnier growing up,” she says. “I get lots of compliments on the smell — it's very nostalgic.”

Along with her go-to hair treatment from the OG brand, below, D’Amelio details the current beauty essentials she’s obsessed with.

Her Shiny Hair Secret

“I'm very, very lucky with my hair type because it dries pin straight. I normally try not to put in too many products on my natural hair because it tends to get very greasy, so I focus most of my hair care on washing it and before I wash it.”

“I wash my hair every single day — it's a controversial thing. I feel like the Bonding Inner Fiber Repair Treatment just gives my hair a little bit of extra shine.”

Her All-Time Fave Lip Liner

“I always have at least five lip products in my purse at all times. I'd say my top lip product is the MAKE UP FOR EVER Lip Liner in Anywhere Caffeine.”

Her Current Go-To Body Wash

“I try not to mix around too many scents, because I really like my perfume to be my scent, but I use OUAI St. Barts Body Wash.”

Her Glam Essential

“If you spray on the ONE/SIZE Setting Spray, your makeup is not going anywhere. I went to Coachella these past two weekends, and I did not reapply anything but my lips after eating pizza.”

Her Everyday Lip Gloss

“I like to keep my makeup pretty simple for the most part, especially when I do it myself. The 2 CC's PATRICK TA Lip Gloss is really good.”

Her Clean Home Scent

“I get candles from Yankee Candle every few weeks. I'll order a bunch of them, just see what I like, and then I use the same one until it's empty. I like very simple, simple scents — I can't remember the name, but it smells like cotton.”