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How EmRata Gets Her Makeup Done In 5 Minutes Flat

The multi-hyphenate shares her beauty routine with Bustle.

Emily Ratajkowski's beauty routine is all about achieving a sun-kissed, fresh face.
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Beauty Detail
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In Bustle’s Beauty Detail, we dive into the beauty bags of our favorite talents for intel on the rituals that keep them glowing. Here, Emily Ratajkowski tells Bustle about her partnership with Viktor & Rolf, her faux freckle hack, and the beauty essentials she’s currently obsessed with.

Emily Ratajkowski is a lot of things: an international supermodel, a bestselling author, a podcast host, an actor, a Met Gala mainstay, a dog mom whose daily walks in New York City are akin to her personal runway. Above all else, however, the California native is just a boy mom who’s a real beauty aficionado.

Now that her son has grown into a vocal toddler, though, Ratajkowski says she’s had to streamline her glam routine to just a five or so-minute beat.

“Less is more. I still love makeup, but I’ve moved towards this five-minute regimen — and I still [apply] freckles, there are specific things that I do — but I do just want to give ‘fresh face,’” she tells Bustle.

Laughing, Ratajkowski notes that she doesn’t have any natural freckles on her cheeks at all, but shares that one product in particular that she purchased on TikTok Shop — as well as this exact TikTok-viral faux freckle application hack — is to thank for her day-to-day look. “I’ve always worn freckles, and I kind of overdo it sometimes,” she admits.

For her glow, the multi-hyphenate aims to look sun-kissed year-round. “With my makeup, I’m constantly trying to emulate that summer vibe — I want to look as fresh as possible,” she says. “Everyone says it’s a beauty trend, but I’ve stood by it for a long time and I’m happy the rest of the world agrees.”

Despite her affinity for glamour, she’s pivoted to giving her skin a little more TLC. “I really decided to start taking care of my skin last year,” she tells Bustle. “As much as I love makeup, the goal is to feel like I need as little of it as possible. Getting older, I’m like, ‘This is the thing to invest in.’”

Kicking off the New Year with a bang, Ratajkowski has been named the face of Viktor & Rolf’s newest perfume, Flowerbomb Tiger Lily — which is a fittingly sun-drenched iteration of the cult-fave Flowerbomb scent.

Below, Ratajkowski details the beauty essentials she’s currently obsessed with, including the concealer that’s replaced her foundation.

Her Current Go-To Perfume

“Tiger Lily [reminds me of] the east coast of Mexico, or Turks and Caicos — a place with a long white beach. It’s the perfect accessory for making yourself feel like you’re on vacation. It really smells like summer to me.”

Her Lash-Lengthening Mascara

“I’ve been using a lot less shadows — I like a clean eye. I want to look as fresh as possible, [and] I’ve been liking Kylash for mascara.”

Her Sun-Kissed Blush Stick

“I don’t really put my face in the sun, but I definitely look my best when I have a little tan — I’m basically always trying to fake that. I really rely on blush. Right now, I’m using the Pat McGrath stick, which I really like.”

Her Lip Combo Essential

“For my fresh-faced look, I like to use the Rhode tinted lip balm.”

Her Daily Vitamin C Serum

“Incorporating vitamin C was the thing that changed my skin. I use one from Dennis Gross that I just think is amazing. I use it every morning.”

Her Foundation-Replacing Concealer

“I’m floating away from heavy, heavy foundations. I like the Hourglass Concealer — I’m super into that right now for coverage instead.”