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Good Light's Taste Of Space Lip Milk Made Its Red Carpet Debut

Meet the hybrid lip product of your dreams.

Good Light Cosmetics is launching a Lip Milk, and it's about to become your new obsession.
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At the 2024 Golden Globes, A-listers returned to the red carpet in full-throttle glamour. Viewers saw celebs decked out in sequins, bows, and flowing gowns galore. If you looked closely, you may have also noticed a particular eye-catching sheen radiating from Best Supporting Actor nominee Charles Melton’s lips — a glow you can credit good light cosmetics’ Taste of Space Lip Milk.

The product in question, which officially launches on Jan. 17, is the brand’s first lip-focused formula. And it’s super unique: It’s a multitasking elixir that functions as a buildable balm, gloss, and lip mask in one lightweight, creamy concoction.

The Good Light Cosmetics Taste Of Space Lip Milk

The Lip Milk’s formula adheres to the same standards as the rest of good light’s skin care lineup. Every ingredient is vegan, cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, and sensitive skin-friendly.

Specifically, it contains Cupuacu and mango seed butters — both of which feature nourishing and moisturizing fatty acids — as well as glycerin and squalane (two superstar hydrators), vegan collagen, and antioxidant-rich raspberry extract. The end result? Vitamin-rich hydration that delivers a subtle but gorgeous glow for your pout.

“Good light’s lip milk is the perfect lip solution — it’s a balm, gloss, mask, lotion hybrid that sinks into your lips and is perfect for any and all occasions,” David Yi, good light’s founder, exclusively tells Bustle. “This includes a daytime brunch or red carpet moment.”

The silky formula was actually inspired by the center of the galaxy: Astrobiologists discovered the molecule ethyl formate in the Milky Way, which happens to be the same chemical that gives raspberries there flavor — hence why the sweet fruit’s extract is one of the product’s star ingredients.

Its Red Carpet Debut

Celebrity groomer Candice Birns prepped Melton, star of May December, using good light’s Lip Milk as well as other skin-forward formulas — including CeraVe’s Skin Renewing Eye Cream and Ultra-Light Moisturizing Gel.

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Once he stepped onto the red carpet, Melton looked fresh-faced and glowy.

Milk Obsession

Skin care aficionados have witnessed the recent boom of milky formulas on the shelves. Countless beauty brands have introduced silky, milk-like textures to their lineups over the past few months — including Hailey Bieber’s rhode, Laneige, and Versed.

What’s with the craze? Experts credit it to a rising interest in caring for the all-important skin barrier, aka your complexion’s protective outer layer. Skin milks are generally super gentle and nourishing, making them a beneficial addition to anyone’s beauty regimen.

Clearly, with good light’s upcoming launch, these creamy concoctions aren’t going away anytime soon.