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Hailee Steinfeld’s Favorite Face Cream “Feels Like Heaven On Your Skin”

Plus, the actor explains why she loves working out with her dad.

Hailee Steinfeld tells Bustle about her partnership with Core Hydration, wellness routine, favorite ...
Beauty Detail
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In Bustle’s Beauty Detail, we dive into the beauty bags of our favorite talents for intel on the rituals that keep them glowing. Here, Hailee Steinfeld tells Bustle about her partnership with Core Hydration, devotion to wellness, and products she can’t go a day without.

After getting her start as the 13-year-old who stole hearts in True Grit, Hailee Steinfeld, now 26, has since portrayed a crossbow-wielding superhero in the next generation of Marvel’s larger-than-life universe, and entered pop stardom with singles like “Coast” and “I Love You’s.”

Major films and music charts aside, she’s very much an athlete in her personal life, prioritizing daily challenges and her wellness journey.

“When I’m in the gym, it is my time for me,” Steinfeld tells Bustle. “I get to show up for myself and no one else. I love to do a little bit of cardio — actually, that’s kind of a lie. I love how I feel after I do a little bit of cardio.”

Overall, she switches up her routine by the day. “I do training — low weights, high reps. I love pilates and a dance class as a workout.”

Steinfeld also benefits from the fact that her father happens to be a personal trainer. “I do workout with my dad, which is the most incredible thing in the world,” she says. “I love more than anything that he understands what I’m capable of, and he pushes me.”

Both Steinfeld and her silver screen characters have one resounding thing in common: they hardly do things by halves. And more often than not, the mental and physical rewards they have to show for it is well worth the struggle. “I turn to fitness as a mental exercise as well as a physical exercise,” she explains.

While she admits that she has yet to refine her morning and nighttime routines, a morning workout session is nonnegotiable. “It’s the part of the day where I get to be that bare-faced, vulnerable version of myself.”

Another key to Steinfeld’s approach to wellness? Water. “For me, hydration is the one thing that I rely on consistently to make me feel good,” she shares.

In that sense, her long-time partnership with Core Hydration is nothing short of being serendipitous. “I don’t drink caffeine — water is my caffeine. It helps keep my body running, it does wonders for my skin and energy levels, and it helps with fatigue.”

Curious about what the star uses when she’s not completely bare-faced in the gym? Below, Steinfeld shares her most-loved beauty essentials.

Her Go-To Brow Gel

“Anastasia’s Brow Gel is the go-to that’s actually always in my bag.”

Her Current Home Scent

“I like to have a signature home scent. I’m still trying to zero in on what that is for me. I do love Santal 26, and I love a big candle that lasts forever. Anything that feels calming and fresh — that’s what I’m drawn to.”

Her Everyday Concealer

“When I’m doing something a little less intense, I will definitely throw a little concealer under my eyes. I generally do workout bare-faced, though. There’s an Armani concealer that I love, because it’s the same shade of the foundation that I use. Concealer is a must for me.”

Her Signature Perfume

“I’ve been wearing Miss Dior for a very long time — which I love. I’m running a little low, and I’m debating on getting a new fresh bottle or switching it up. Fragrance is such a personal thing.”

Her Heavenly Moisturizer

“I love using La Mer, it feels like heaven on your skin. I love using their soft cream moisturizer under makeup — it’s the perfect base. I love it so much.”