24 Trendy Halloween Nail Designs For 2023, From Ghosts To Spiderwebs

Hello, October.

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At the very end of October, Halloween offers up all of those frightful vibes so many look forward to. For nail art devotees, the spookiest month of the year marks the short period in time when it’s socially acceptable to rock nails that are adorned with gory blood, intricate spiderwebs, and more.

When it comes to Halloween 2023, the nails are taking a dark turn (especially when compared to the must-have looks of years past).

The buzziest manicures right now feature colors like deep scarlet, chocolate brown chrome, and midnight navy. For Oct. 31, expect to see these popular hues combined with the current obsession with ultra-detailed tips, 3D textures, and a whole lot of sparkle.

In need of some Halloween nail ideas ahead of your next salon visit? Whether you’re looking for a simple design that looks fab on short nails, a trendy look to go with a specific costume (purple aura nails would look fierce with a witch-inspired ‘fit), or a maximalist manicure that can stand alone, here are the 24 best Halloween nail design ideas for 2023.

Prepare for blood drips, spiderwebs, skeletons, and beyond.

Blood-Red French Tips

For those who typically opt for classic French nails, trade in the stark white hue that’s traditionally used for the tip for a vibrant red shade. The accent nail with blood drips is optional, but highly encouraged.

Cats & Ghosts

Can’t choose between chic ghosts and cute black cats? ICYMI, black and white nail art is on the rise for the fall 2023 season, and this cheeky spin on the trend is subtle enough to match with all of your October ‘fits.

Purple Aura Nails

Planning on dressing up as a witch for Halloween 2023? These purple-hued aura nails are giving major Hocus Pocus vibes.

Gothic Details

For vampire costumes and beyond, this gothic set painted on sharp stiletto-shaped claws is sure to tap your inner dark side.

Black & White Bone Nail Art

For a neutral set that will still draw all eyes to your nails, adorn some basic black nail polish with a pattern of skeletal bones.

Candy Corn-Inspired French Tips

While candy corn is a polarizing Halloween-time treat, there’s no arguing that the combination of white, yellow, and orange makes an adorable manicure.

Spooky Chocolate Nails

For an on-trend chocolate-hued nails, try painting some Halloween motifs in shades of brown.

Eye See Red

Elevate some crystal clear nails — which are very on-trend for 2023 — with bloody splatters and unnerving eyes.

Spiderwebbed French Nails

In lieu of a traditional French design, create webs in chromatic hues on every single tip.

Abstract Pumpkin-Spiced Swirls

For a festive mani that nods to October’s cult-fave latte of choice, opt for some pumpkin-inspired lacquer hues topped with inky abstract swirls.

Black Bedazzled French Tips

These maximalist nails say it’s Halloween season, without saying it’s Halloween season...

Bloody Stiletto Nails

Starting with a “your nails but better” neutral shade of polish, create realistic blood stains with a deep red shade.

Black, White, & Red All Over

With one hand painted in red hues and the other without color, try a statement manicure with aura designs, plaid details, bats, spiderwebs, and more.

Black & Red Aura Nails

With an ultra-long stiletto shape that is inspired by vampire fangs, these black and red aura nails are sultry and oh so daring.

Itty-Bitty Halloween Nail Art

For those who much prefer a low-key mani moment (or want a simple design for shorter nails), decorate some neutral nails with itty bitty details.

Bloody Chrome Drips

Blood drips, but make them chrome.

Barbiecore Bone Nails

For fans of hot pink nails (who still want to tap those spooky vibes), opt for some skeleton artwork on each tip.

Chrome-Colored Webs

Silver webs and black cats just go together, IMO.

3D Gore

Eye-catching and odd, these blood red 3D tips are textured to mimic the look of gory horror flick scenes.

Caution Tape Tips

Decorate your nails with blood prints, caution tape, and silver chains for a crime scene set that is sure to start a few conversations.

Crescent Moon Frenchies

Akin to a crescent moon with a shining bright star next to it, these understated (yet still unique) nails are sure to match every ‘fit and costume this spooky SZN.

Friday The 13th Nail Art

For the horror movie buffs who have a special place in their heart for Jason Voorhees of Friday the 13th, these slasher-themed nails are a fitting nod.

Classic Halloween Hues

Chrome details? Check. Spiderwebs? Check. Green, purple, and orange nail polish colors? Check.

Things That Go Bump In The Night

For a spooky-themed mani that doesn’t shy away from artful details, try a “patchwork manicure” that features unique designs on every single nail.

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