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Jennifer Garner Reveals How Her Skin Care Routine Has Changed Since Turning 51

The actor relies on these two hero ingredients.

Jennifer Garner, 51, chats with Bustle about skin care, Neutrogena retinol, and beauty advice for he...
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In Bustle’s Pore Decisions, celebrities, influencers, and Bustle’s own readers recount their personal skin journeys: the good, the bad, and everything in between.

Here, Jennifer Garner shares more about her longtime role as a Neutrogena brand ambassador, changes she’s made in her skin care routine, and the beauty lessons she teaches her children.

For many, Jennifer Garner will forever be tied to countless films and television series that defined their childhood and teenaged years. And while her roles often fall into one of two categories — sugary sweet and brimming with charisma, or weapon-wielding and unrelenting — the mom of three embodied the former qualities during our Zoom call.

“Pardon me, I worked out and haven’t showered, but I prefer the camera on,” Garner says in a warm, joyful voice, appearing onscreen wearing black-framed, oversized glasses. “Then we’re chatting and it doesn’t feel so removed.”

As someone who just entered her thirties — to which Garner was quick to exclaim, “You’re flirty and thriving!” — I couldn’t help but wonder what her approach to skin care looked at 30, and how her routine has changed after celebrating her 51st birthday in April.

Ahead, Garner chats about her 16-year relationship with Neutrogena, the game-changing skin care ingredients she swears by, and the lessons she tells her children over and over again.

On Neutrogena & Nostalgia

“I have two sisters and we used Neutrogena as kids — you know, [classic products like] the Amber Bar. Part of the reason that I’ve loved them for so long is that they really remind me of my bathroom countertop [growing up], and it’s pretty much looked like that ever since.”

On What’s Changed From 30 To 50

“I’m pretty consistent, to be honest. The big change is the introduction of retinol — that was a big one. I did not use that when I was 30, although I think it is something you could use at 30, maybe not as often.

“I’ve always washed my face at night, no matter what, makeup or not.”

On Using Retinol

“I think it is healthy to tell your skin cells to turn over and to regenerate, so every now and then — twice a week instead of every day — I think is a really smart idea.

“Go slowly because your skin has to get used to it. I wouldn’t do every night in a row, you just don’t need to. But just try it out.”

On The Hyaluronic Acid Hype

“As you get older — I’m 51 now — the natural hyaluronic acid in your skin starts to diminish.

“I was really early on the hyaluronic acid train. When I first started using it, it wasn’t even something my dermatologist was recommending. Other than retinol, it is the thing that will change your skin — and it changes it instantly. The combination of those two really makes a huge difference [for fine lines].

“The [Hydro Boost line] is so simple and it just kind of plumps up your skin. It leaves you with this dewy look and it really quenches your skin’s natural thirst.”

On Skin Care Tips For Her Kids

“I’m just ‘sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen,’ ‘wash your face at night,’ ‘don’t pick your skin.’ And reminding them that a very little bit of maintenance will go a really long way.”